Black Petals Issue #69 Fall 2014

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Needed Friend-Fiction by Hal Kempka
An Unknown Craft-Fiction by Bejamin Blake
Back in Town-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Cosmic Bull's-eye-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
Finding Good Help is Getting Harder All the Time-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Midas and Medusa-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
One Prick of a Needle-Fiction by Pavelle Wesser
The Expanding Woman-Fiction by Alan Catlin
The Return of the King-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
The 2nd Mrs. Brindle-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
Remember You Were There-3 Poems by Alexis Child, Featured Poet



By A.M. Stickel


Walking with the Dead
By Alexis Child

I wear the garb of the dead,
for I’ve never really lived.
I’m pleased as a murderer
who has dealt his blow
I walk in the gloomiest
part of town—
black as the grave.
Was I being led by the devil
into this abode of human trash,
vice, and crime?
Could they steal my soul,
my sordid mind?
Who caused me to fall
into this trap?!
A few steps more and
it’s absinthe time.
Temptations of the world
my spirits revived, so
I write a letter to the dead.
This is where I long to be
and feel the shadows move across my skin.
Touch my scarred soul, and I will let you in.

Dear readers, today’s world is a sick one, where Evil seems to triumph. The situation has become so dire that even the SyFy Channel is backing off on its serious fictional horror, and sticking to various reality offerings peripheral to the film industry, cons, gaming, and ‘pro’ wrestling. SyFy’s new Z Nation zombie series is darkly humorous in its approach (compared to the thoughtful The Walking Dead), and its latest (and hopefully final) season of Haven is more about villainous mental aberration/transmigration. Televised fantasy is relegated to remakes of fairy tales (Grimm and Once Upon a Time) and historical fiction (Outlander, Reign, Sleepy Hollow, and Spartacus). The Apocalypse, in various guises, has or will put in brief appearances in such programs as: Ascension, Believe, Dominion, Resurrection, Supernatural, The Leftovers, The Lottery, and Under the Dome—the latter trio tinged with government conspiracy overtones. Perhaps the Aliens from Elsewhere have finally been acknowledged, or even sent packing (Extant, Falling Skies), and we’ve realized the Real Enemy: us (beheadings, Ebola, the stock market).

Not to forget the werewolves, witches, and vampires (The Originals, The Strain, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood); watch for them, or their reruns, along with Marvel Comics heroes and too-human versions of Norse gods (The Almighty Johnsons—NOT!), on channels like the CW, Fox, and good ol’ SyFy. [This is only a partial list, so apologies if any of your favorite programs weren’t cited.]

What did humans do for the decent scare or odd speculation before TV and the movies? They read stories like those in BP, or told them around the campfire (the first social medium). The best are to be found at the source: the Bible. Whatever you read, take something away from it to better your life, and you can’t go wrong. Trust me. Welcome to issue #69 of Black Petals…and the season of farewell.

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