Black Petals Issue #70 Winter, 2015

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Portal into Paradise-Fiction by Michael Stewart
Borrowing Some Love-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Deep Time Salvage-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
Express to Nowhere-Fiction by Pavelle Wesser
Micah's Gift-Fiction by M. C. Colby
Not Safe-Fiction by Emily Livingstone
Stuck in the Past-Fiction by Paul Strickland
The Blighted Stone-Fiction by Michael Stewart
The Drive-Fiction by Jonah D. Mann
The Substitute Husbands-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
Forgiveness-Poem by Norberto Franco Cisneros
In With the White Tide-Poem by Grant Tarbard
The Sharp Toothed Raffle of the Gods-Poem by Grant Tarbard
Vision of the Fall-Poem by Grant Tarbard

Winter, 2015





Since my doctor expects my untimely demise at any second from a stroke, I’d better hurry these keystrokes. This is the latest I’ve ever been for an editorial, and I have nothing to blame it on except turning 70 the month prior to BP’s 70th issue, not even the emergency appendectomy I had Nov. 21, 2014. There was also the 3-month delay in replacing our broken shower, a work whose slow, painful progress I felt I just had to monitor instead of writing. I was lucky to manage my traditional holiday newsletter. (What do people do who don’t have backup showers in their homes?) Thank heavens our writers didn’t procrastinate and managed to fill this issue with the speculative scenarios enabled by their creative ambition.

This time around we’re proud to showcase the works of 8 short story authors and 2 poets. Our esteemed editor/webmaster, Ken Crist, selected the art to compliment the tales. And, as usual, Chris Friend has contributed his thought-provoking MARS NEWS column.

Moving through time and space, peek at the contents: A Portal into Paradise by Michael Stewart leads to a dying desire fulfilled; Borrowing Some Love by Roy Dorman spies on a loser in love; Deep Time Salvage by Charles C. Cole follows the fate of time-traveling thieves; Express to Nowhere by Pavelle Wesser teaches a child genius hard truths; Micah’s Gift by ‘M.C. Colby’ enlightens a mindless tragedy; Not Safe by ‘Emily Livingstone’ enters the ghostly realm with an unheeded warning; Stuck in the Past by Paul Strickland rides radio waves to eternity; The Blighted Stone by Michael Stewart uncovers an artifact of ambition; The Drive by Jonah D. Mann looks through alien eyes; and The Substitute Husbands by Charlie Cole is a how-to on knocking off interdimensional knock-offs.

The poets (N.F. Cisneros and Grant Tarbard) in this 70th issue also confront us with their unique take on love and death and sacrifice. We humans continue the tragic errors to which we are historically prone. And even the most gifted among us, despite help from our spirit guardians, cannot escape the consequences of failing to forgive. So, please forgive my tardiness, and brevity, faithful readers. Enjoy the issue.

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