Black Petals Issue #72 Summer, 2015

Poetry by John Frazee

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Brutal-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Chaos in Corollary-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
In Dreams, There Is No Time-Fiction by George Gad Economou
Nuncapisco-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Ocean Life-Fiction by Lael Braday
Onward Traveler-Fiction by Kathleen Wolak
The Beach House-Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Weeping Man-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Poetry & Prose by Alexis Child
Poetry by John Frazee
Poetry by Denny Marshall
Poetry by Jeffrey Park
Poetry by Dr. Mel Waldman



Looking for answers even where none exist,

     Mouths wide open, appearing completely perplexed,

Walking in a stupor, as humans often do,

     We spend half our lives wondering what happens next.


Attempting to wrap our minds around a concept

     That relies on blind faith, certainly not facts,

An idea so very foreign to common sense,

     Yet finds its basis in unbelievable acts.


So many obsessions about what lies ahead,

     The future is pursued with avid persistence:

Trying so very hard to peer into the chasm

    Without examining time in pre-existence.



Quantum Randomness


It’s a mental struggle I have dealt with for countless years;

     Contemplating the bond between this hidden world and men,

I’m painfully reminded of our insignificance,

     Watching neutrinos as they quietly pass through my pen.


So very small and yet so grand in its infinite scope,

     The subatomic world is deceptive in its vastness.

How could something invisible hold so many secrets

     To opening the mysteries of quantum randomness?


There are laws of nature that you must learn to live under;

     The rules are tighter than the strings on an old ladies purse.

I am sure Schrödinger’s cat would be glad to remind us

     We must live in an observer-created universe.


Muons, quarks, and gluons—put them in a bag and shake them!

     While delving into this realm gives one a greater insight

As to what life’s all about…chock full of revelations,

     Like spending an afternoon lounging beneath God’s skylight.


The Mind of Tesla


While perusing the archives I found myself amazed by

     The mind of Tesla or, more appropriately, Tesla’s mind.

Somehow it hurts to contemplate the process in his thinking;

     Rarely do you find such a man, truly one of a kind.


People seem wired in a variety of different ways;

     While many use the left side of their brain, others use the right.

Somehow he managed to reach deeper into his grey matter,

     As he did so much more than simply illuminate the night.


In a time of true genius he was unique in his brilliance;

     He showed no sign of having the proverbial feet of clay.

A visionary, he stood head and shoulders above the rest;

     Some people choose to live in the dark; he chose to light our way.


We all live now in a world with power at our fingertips.

     At some point it doesn’t matter if you’re poor or if you’re rich:

Remember the name Nikola Tesla; he’s the man to thank

     Next time you’re standing alone in the dark, reaching for that switch.



John Frazee,, wrote BP #72’s 3-poem set, “Pre-existence,” “Quantum Randomness,” & “The Mind of Tesla.” John resides in Boynton Beach, FL, USA (temporarily). He also resides under the impression that, like the infinite number of monkeys at the infinite number of type-writers, someday he will accidentally create something worthwhile. He relies on you humans to evaluate the results of this experiment. John is published in Skyline Magazine, OMNI Magazine, The Horror Zine, Twice the Terror, The Horror Zine Anthology, Death Head Grin Anthology, My Word Wizard, Aphelion, StoryMania, The Original Van Gogh’s Ear and Dangerous Poets Collective.

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