Black Petals Issue #72 Summer, 2015

Poetry by Denny Marshall

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Brutal-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Chaos in Corollary-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
In Dreams, There Is No Time-Fiction by George Gad Economou
Nuncapisco-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Ocean Life-Fiction by Lael Braday
Onward Traveler-Fiction by Kathleen Wolak
The Beach House-Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Weeping Man-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Poetry & Prose by Alexis Child
Poetry by John Frazee
Poetry by Denny Marshall
Poetry by Jeffrey Park
Poetry by Dr. Mel Waldman

Nine Zombie Haiku

Knock, knock, who is there?
Maya who? My yah next meal
replied the zombie

zombie hands body
over to longtime girlfriend
vamps are forever

for escape too late
no zombies negotiate
now on dinner plate

hesitate to answer
thought door-to-door salesperson
instead a zombie

zombie nibbles ear
struggle to escape in fear
into head jab spear

the corpse on the ground
scared me when it sprung to life
no hint zombies slept

zombie pair at lunch
wanted super-size menu
escape fate again

one feeding zombie
is a vegetarian
eats only vegans

caterer turned down
offer to plan and supply
large zombie banquet


Twelve Sci-Fi Haiku

The ad said 'for sale
Time machine, good condition'
Just a movie prop

UFO for sale
Body in excellent shape
Gloss elliptical

Earthlings do not know
That aliens put us on
Their no-fly-by list

Alien calling
Me from a cell phone saying
Sorry wrong number

Lost in a spaceship
In a distant universe
No need for rescue

Alien in cage
Threw its arms through bars in rage
On guards did forage

On humans run scans
Research for their master plans
To eat our organs

Could hear victim scream
Shot by creature with a beam
Body floats downstream

Followed by stranger
In clear and present danger
Snack for space ranger

Creatures in bad crash
Need to fix ship in a flash
Stole whole bank for cash

From the Milky Way
Eons travel unknown ray
Lands on earth today

My *MAVEN haiku
Mission unexpectedly
Crashes on surface

*MAVEN (Mars Atmospheric and Volatile Evolution Mission), with launch period opening on November 18, 2013, during the last half of July, had a haiku contest open to all—the top three winning prizes and all entries to be included on the disc aboard MAVEN.


Denny E. Marshall,, of Lincoln, Nebraska, who wrote BP #72’s “12 Sci-Fi Haiku” & “9 Zombie Haiku” (BP #71’s “11 Vampire Haiku” and “Hairball, the Movie” [in the PICTURE THIS column], 22 haiku for BP #66 and “Vampire Sent Back in Time” for BP #67), has had art, poetry, and fiction published. Recent credits include art and poetry in Stinkwaves #2 and Night to Dawn #24. He does have a website with previously published works.

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