Black Petals Issue #72 Summer, 2015

Poetry by Jeffrey Park

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Brutal-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Chaos in Corollary-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
In Dreams, There Is No Time-Fiction by George Gad Economou
Nuncapisco-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Ocean Life-Fiction by Lael Braday
Onward Traveler-Fiction by Kathleen Wolak
The Beach House-Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Weeping Man-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Poetry & Prose by Alexis Child
Poetry by John Frazee
Poetry by Denny Marshall
Poetry by Jeffrey Park
Poetry by Dr. Mel Waldman

Setting False Modesty Aside for a Moment


His lips tremble with the urge to cry out
to an impoverished planet crowded
with hero-less idol-starved refugees: Here it is!
Feast your senses on the glory that is me, I, this guy
over here, aglow
with nectarine juices and trilling syllabications.
Too long have I hoarded myself to myself,
and now, like a transcendent uber-being,
I stand ready to deploy my massive
accumulation of selfness in the unswerving pursuit
of the Common Good, to put the ‘phila’
back in philanthropy.
Too fully loaded with personality and charisma
to be merely a king among men, I accept
the mantle of emperor, prince, oracle, grand duke,
and high priestess.
I will tower above my world, brow able to
scrape against the stars only because my toes
are firmly clenched
into the soft bedrock of my homeland.
Come and behold me, ask nicely
and you shall receive.
I look way, way down and see myriad faces reflecting
back my own incandescent glow—
like the faces
of my innumerable unnamed children.
With love and gentle condescension, I gather you
in my mighty fore-limbs and let you
scramble through the tangled hair of my
monumental breast.
Like tiny lice, you have a tendency to
make me itch, but, with the calm forbearance
of the empyrean totem that I so clearly am,
I deign not to brush you away.


Jeffrey Park,, wrote BP #72’s poem, “Setting False Modesty Aside for a Moment” (& BP #64’s 4 featured poems). His poetry has appeared in Eye to the Telescope, Right Hand PointingStar*Line, Subliminal InteriorsThe Phantom Kangaroo, The Speculative Edge, and UFO Gigolo. His digital chapbook, Inorganic, is available online, and his poem “Hard to Reach” was nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize. He lives in Goettingen, Germany, where he is Lecturer for Scientific English at the Georg-August-Universitaet. Links to his published work can be found at

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