Black Petals Issue #84 Summer, 2018

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Goodbye to Nowhere Land-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Just a Minute-Fiction by Mark Joseph Kevlock
Nobody Should Be in 1610 Maple-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Fiction by A.M. Stickel, Chapter 1
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Fiction by A.M. Stickel, Chapter 2
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Fiction by A.M. Stickel, Chapter 3
Prey-Poems by Michael Keshigian
Asunder-Poems by Mike Rose


Goodbye to Nowhere Land


By Roy Dorman


Mind games


Elizabeth Woods and Edward Alderson had met in Nowhere Land, in another dimension located on the other side of a one-way door in the back of Count Marcovici’s store in New York City. What did Marcovici sell? For a fee, he would help those in trouble of any kind “disappear.” Marcovici sold new lives. 

Now, in the late afternoon, after having just discussed how they were going to have to come up with more food after their supplies ran out, Elizabeth and Edward found themselves behind “Door Number Two,” and about to discover that meeting Marcovici was going to lead them to the most exciting adventure imaginable.


“Thanks for cutting me down,” said Edward, from on the ground under the snare that had caught him. 

“Yeah, well I felt kinda bad about pushing you through the door first,” replied Elizabeth.

“Hey, no problemo. If you had gone through first, it would have been me cutting you down, right?”

“Maybe, but I’d like to think I’d have been more careful. Anyhow, this vine used as rope for the trap is plenty strong,” said Elizabeth, holding up the length of vine to Edward. “They might have been expecting one of those giant woolly beasts. I think this stuff would even hold one of them.”

“Do ya think we should move on, or stay here and see who or what comes to check on the trap?” asked Edward.

“I’m for scoping out the immediate area to see what we’ve stumbled into, and then hiding near the trap to see who set it,” said Elizabeth. “There may be food in this land, but whoever got here first might not want to share.”

Keeping their pistols drawn, Elizabeth and Edward walked in ever-widening circles around the door until they were about fifty feet from it. They found trees with fruit something like apples. Always the risk taker, Edward bit into one and declared it delicious.

“I think we’ve gone far enough for now. Let’s head back to the snare and get hunkered down,” said Elizabeth.

“Want a bite? These things are great,” said Edward, holding out fruit to Elizabeth. She shook her head.

“I think I’ll wait an hour or so and see if you fall down writhing and clutching at your throat, with blood gushing from all orifices,” said Elizabeth.

“Man, what a vibe killer,” said Edward, tossing the fruit over his shoulder. “It’s not like there’s going to be a McDonalds every couple of blocks; there aren’t even any frickin’ blocks.”

“Shhh! Somebody or something’s coming,” whispered Elizabeth. “Don’t make a sound, stay right where you are, and don’t shoot until I say so. Got it?”

 “Got it, Commander,” Edward whispered back.