Black Petals Issue #73 Fall, 2015

Roadside Accident
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Journey Starts with a Flower-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Cold Surprise-Fiction by Paul Strickland
Final Run_Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Gift of the Anasazi-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Killer Deal-Fiction by Denny Marshall
Please Remember Me-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
Safe Haven, Part I-Fiction by Denis Bushlatov
Safe Haven, Part II-Fiction by Denis Bushtalov
The City-Fiction by Wayne Haroutunian
The Witch and the Rock-Fiction by Janet C. Ro
Roadside Accident-2 poems by Denny Marshall
Journey to the Devil's Shore-Poem by Grant Tarbard

Two Poems by Denny Marshall

Roadside Accident

Denny Marshall


On a barren desert-lining road
A distant reflection dances
A message only you can see.
Walk across the dunes
Of blended hourglass hills
To a distant destination;
Approach turtle-slow when nearing
The sunken crashed saucer
Mostly buried by windswept sand.
A hidden door slides open, silent,
Makes you jump like a jack-in-the-box,
Then pause one marveled moment...
Not understanding what is spoken
In a language like elegant song;
Yet, comprehending silent pleas,
You tend wounds as best you can
And cover the rest of ship.
Returning with food and water
Days later, nothing is there:
You do not say a word.

Six Tanka

Denny Marshall

Creature’s ship arrives
For large family picnic
Tastes a few samples
Then tows Planet Earth closer
To sun for the barbecue

After the creature
Finishes the boring meal
A sidekick walks up
Slaps him across face and says
You could have had a human

After finding out
Her sister is not on earth
Alien wife states
To travel-weary husband
Should have asked for directions

A cosmologist
Studying the dark matter
It did not matter
Lights in building are all out
Waiting for janitor

Not a second date
From the online dating site
After the first date
Always unavailable
Lonely zombie’s fault

Bound creature now freed
Instinct takes hold, needs to breed
Finds mate to fill need
Once deed is done will proceed
On its lover it will feed

Denny E. Marshall,, of Lincoln, Nebraska, who wrote BP #73’s “6 Tanka,” the poem, “Roadside Accident,” and the retitled tale, “Killer Deal” (+BP #72’s “12 Sci-Fi Haiku” & “9 Zombie Haiku”; BP #71’s “11 Vampire Haiku” and “Hairball, the Movie” [in the PICTURE THIS column]; 22 haiku for BP #66; and “Vampire Sent Back in Time” for BP #67), has had art, poetry, and fiction published. Recent credits include art and poetry in Stinkwaves #2 and Night to Dawn #24. He does have a website with previously published works.

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