Black Petals Issue #73 Fall, 2015

Journey to the Devil's Shore
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Journey Starts with a Flower-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Cold Surprise-Fiction by Paul Strickland
Final Run_Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Gift of the Anasazi-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Killer Deal-Fiction by Denny Marshall
Please Remember Me-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
Safe Haven, Part I-Fiction by Denis Bushlatov
Safe Haven, Part II-Fiction by Denis Bushtalov
The City-Fiction by Wayne Haroutunian
The Witch and the Rock-Fiction by Janet C. Ro
Roadside Accident-2 poems by Denny Marshall
Journey to the Devil's Shore-Poem by Grant Tarbard

Poem by Grant Tarbard

Journey to the Devil’s Shore

Grant Tarbard


The odour of ash splintering away

From the liquid flesh that gathers like smoke

Rises from your feet, agitating grey.

A spectacle for eyes boiling like yolk,

That red-glare dawn is a last punishment;

Sunrise, playing the penny-whistle of bones,

Lights a firework streamer of banishment.

Dawn’s overture steams out from wet stones,

Encountering only one on the walk

To the Devil’s Shore in a robe of flames.

Just as the dawn’s pyre flies forth like a hawk

To the arm of a stranger with scorched veins,

From the gallows swings, like a liquor jar

That a doll hangs from, a lightbulb star.


Grant Tarbard,, of Essex, UK, who wrote BP #73’s “Journey…” poem  (+ the BP #70 poems, “In With the White Tide,” “The Sharp-Toothed Raffle of the Gods,” and “Visions of the Fall”), was former editor of The Screech Owl and co-founder of Resurgant Press with Bethany W. Pope. He has worked as a journalist, a contributor to magazines, a reviewer, an interviewer and a proof reader. His poetry can be seen in such magazines as The Rialto, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Bone Orchard Poetry, BLAZE, The Journal, Southlight, Sarasvati, Earth Love, Mood Swing, Puff Puff Prose…, Postcards Poetry and Prose, Playerist, Lake City Lights, The Open Mouse, Miracle, Poetry Cornwall, I-70, South Florida Review, Stare’s Nest, Medusa’s Kitchen, Zymbol, Weyfarers, Synchronized Chaos, BLUEPEPPER, Every Day Poetry, Verse-Virtual, Tribe, and Decanto. His poems were featured in a number of compendiums, including Dogma Publishing's Miracle at St. Bede’s. His poems have often been exhibited at his local gallery as well as at the Quayside gallery in Maldon, Essex. He was first runner up at age sixteen in Ottakar’s National Poetry Competition with a poem entitled Delicacy, and won The Poetry Box—Dark & Horror Poetry—Magazine’s Sinister Poetry Award May 2014 for his poem Crows’ Feet. His first chap book, YELLOW WOLF, has been published by WK Press.

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