Black Petals Issue #74 Winter, 2016

Anticipating Miracles
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Beyond the Stars-Fiction by Brian McLelland
Doesn't Play Well with Others-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Killkenny Man-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
The Family F.-Fiction by George C. Economou
Masks of Innocence-Fiction by Dr. Mel Waldman
Trim Thought-Fiction by Chris Moylan
When the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Anticipating Miracles- 3 Poems by Teresa Ann Frazee
Cemetery Haze-3 poems by Michael Keshigian
Seven Horror Haiku-by Denny E. Marshall
Four Zombie Haiku-by Denny E. Marshall
Love Letter (to L. W.)-Poem by Reyhan Qayoom

Poems by Teresa Ann Frazee

Anticipating Miracles


Teresa Ann Frazee


Destined to be held hostage by the unquenchable steel mouth of the city’s grate

Obliterated, we tread the puddled asphalt where nothing ever returns

Over-diluted occupants of solitude turgidly wade in the shallows

Streaming downward in an oily gush of iridescent Rorschach patterns


Plagued by a numbing aqueous kiss, we are swallowed with glutinous vigor

Like extinguished trophies floating with the buoyancy of salted melting ice

In procession we glide into a gurgling prison where the doomed thrive

Although anticipating miracles, on this fateful day we shall pay a dear price


The flow, indifferent, does not distinguish between a life once lived and trash

We watch drifting urban debris with remains of our kind bypass us

For the expired lie pooling, so tranquil and still in degraded forms

To which we’ve borne witness; such daunting sights, an eternity would not nullify


Defeated, a garland of bubbles coils, slithering, around our pulsating throats

With the last gasp of breath, we whirl, wriggling as fear bleeds into burying waters

Seemingly in slow motion, we arrive at the threshold of muck’s growling bowel

Finally, the enveloping silence cradles our minute, wrinkled, limp postures 


High Wire


Teresa Ann Frazee


When the slamming gate of strife clamors between the silences

Smothered under the weight of a thousand indecisions

With no safety net, a mind in chains stumbles from thought to thought,

Imprisoned in the etherized space of past delusions.


Seeking solace, for only the hopelessly naive know bliss,

I dwell within the transitory moment of unrest

Pulled from the wreckage of sleep, where mangled dreams live,

With tightness of the chest, I awaken in a bed possessed.


Sporadic tense emotions balance on a high wire,

Purposely misled, bound to nowhere, living as if in a maze

And yet, still expecting miracles to shape my history

As I slip into another of those interchangeable days. 


Prophetic Dreams


Teresa Ann Frazee



Once again the human predicament of sleep falls upon this still hour,

Rarefied dust of a long-forgotten dream whirls through the portals of imploding space

In the chamber of rest, eyes veiled in an anonymous white haze of snatched sight,

The past returns, vandalizing the property of the present at a rapid pace


Incubated in the marrow of illusion, prophetic dreams feed on our existence

Some interpret into nothingness, knowing they don’t impress any longer

They burrow deep in the transitory sludge of subconscious habitation

Through a passage on the edge of oblivion, where they tend to linger


Colliding with dimensions of reality, dreams mark their territory

Keeping vigil, they wait in secret triumph until we become one by night

Like ventriloquists’ dummies, we speak their language and move at their whim

As we’re masterfully weaned off comprehension, trading what is real for insight


Free now from slumber, the woken, still woozy, whose idle lives were lived from afar,

Whose baited will has been conditioned to give little thought to the mind’s eye

Or the summoning odyssey that reigns nightly over one’s imagination

Return to a world with no sense of what is real, where the truth is as good as a lie


Teresa Frazee,, wrote BP #74’s 3 poems, “Anticipating Miracles,” “High Wire,” & “Prophetic Dreams,”   (+ BP #71’s 3 poems, “Secret Entrances,” “The Haze of Space,” and “The Presence,”). She has been a visual artist for over thirty years, with juried and international exhibitions, including solo shows in galleries, museums and other venues, receiving many awards and honors. Also, Teresa has been pursuing her other love, writing. A published poet, she has works in Skyline Magazine, Literary House Review, Poetry Shelter, The Horror Zine and Twice the Terror: The Horror Zine Anthology, Death Head Grin E-Book Anthology, What Fears Become, Aphelion, My Word Wizard, (short story in) Storymania. Founder & Host of The Boca Raton Museum of Art Artists’ Guild Poetry Reading Series (Art & Literature), she authored or was in New City Souls, Poetry Cabaret, 100 Thousand Poets for Change at World and EyePerformance/Workshop (Sebastian Kane), and The Original Van Gogh’s Ear. Inside her world of make-believe, she paints and writes what she knows to be true. Bound by the creative force, she leaves reality entirely up to you.

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