Black Petals Issue #74 Winter, 2016

Love Letter (to L. W.)
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Beyond the Stars-Fiction by Brian McLelland
Doesn't Play Well with Others-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Killkenny Man-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
The Family F.-Fiction by George C. Economou
Masks of Innocence-Fiction by Dr. Mel Waldman
Trim Thought-Fiction by Chris Moylan
When the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Anticipating Miracles- 3 Poems by Teresa Ann Frazee
Cemetery Haze-3 poems by Michael Keshigian
Seven Horror Haiku-by Denny E. Marshall
Four Zombie Haiku-by Denny E. Marshall
Love Letter (to L. W.)-Poem by Reyhan Qayoom

Poem by Reyhan Qayoom

Love Letter (to L.W.)


Rehan Qayoom

The girl whose boyfriend starts writing her love poems should be on her guard, perhaps he really does love her, but one thing is certain: while he was writing his poems he was not thinking of her but of his own feelings about her. [W. H. Auden’s ‘Squares & Oblongs’, (1948). The Complete Works of W. H.  Auden. Prose: 2. Edited by Edward Mendelson.  (Faber & Faber, 2002). 346.]

The world goes on and on and on in bleak infinitude;

What’s then the harm if I express my woes a little?


Yes, I swore to bear all ordeals at your luscious hands;

Let me catch my breath a while now, and repose a little.


Never could we rise up to our worth for all to see;

Someone had to push us down whenever we rose a little.


Seems like no one here has ever heard of loyalty;

Could I be blamed if the cynic in me shows a little?


The moon awakens your memories; the moonlight thinks I love her

And shines in all her splendour when my anguish grows a little.


If you are about to organize your memories,

Juxtapose what is left over, and dispose a little.


That long-awaited moment came fortuitously and went;

Our soul became a fireball; the body froze a little.


Although somehow I will manage to relate this saga,

Factually I’ll hide a little and expose a little.


Everyone I know is wealthy; I, a mere poet,

Study poetry, speak poetry, and compose a little.



Rehan Qayoom,, who wrote BP #74’s poem, “Love Letter,” is a poet of English and Urdu, editor and translator, educated at Birkbeck College, University of London. He has been featured in numerous literary publications and performed his work internationally. He has published 2 books of poetry.

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