Black Petals Issue #75 Spring, 2016

Churchyard Watcher
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
The Big Well-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
The Boxlike Object-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
The Enemy of My Enemy-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Virtuality-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Virtuous Reality-Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Walking to Class-Fiction by George Economou
Whispering Ghosts-Fiction by George Economou
Churchyard watcher-Two Poems by Chris Friend
August Nights-3 Poems by Dr. Mel Waldman

Churchyard Watcher

Chris Friend


Blue as frost bite

You stand sentinel

Over the cemetery,



In bitter cold,


As tree stumps,

To make sure no one

Stirs from

Their rest.


Angel of the Pagan Dead

Chris friend


Hidden in a gray-green underworld,

your cycle is a prayer wheel;

Your earthen womb is a temple

to those yet unborn—

A secret place now for those

who await your inevitable return.


Chris Friend,, who wrote 2 poems for BP #75, “Angel of the Pagan Dead” and “Churchyard Watcher” (+ BP #72’s 2-poem set, “Ed Gein” & “Sour Puss,” and the 2008 poem “All Hallows’ Eve”), writes and illustrates our “MARS News” column. He did a cover for Black Petals back in 2000 for the fall issue, and has been around ever since. BP keeps up two websites for him and prints his column in the issue quarterly. Chris has a gallery at and was featured artist in Kurt Newton’s Ultimate PerVersities (Naked Snake) [Jan. 2011].

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