Black Petals Issue #76 Summer, 2016

My Walk to Emberly Park
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Anniversary-Fiction by A. M. Stickel
Flirting with the Alley-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Gone Astray-Fiction by Denis Bushlatov
Surviving Montezuma-Serialized Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
The Road-Fiction by Walter Kwiatkowski
The Watchers-Fiction by Mike Mulvihill
Ghost Lover-Poem by Janet Ro
My Walk to Emberly Park- Poem by Janet Ro
Honey Island Swamp Monster-Poem by Richard Stevenson
Skin Walker-Poem by Richard Stevenson
Ucu-Poem by Richard Stevenson

My Walk to Emberly Park

Janet Ro


In my breathless climb up

The tree of consciousness,

Black plaque had sooted itself

Onto my horizon.


Then, there she was—

This beautiful thing,

Smiling, shining, winding

Around my legs!

Black plaque lined itself

On the brink of every thought, 

Yet she willed my walk

To Emberly Park.


Ash had found its way

Into my wrinkles;

Her white fangs were

The only thing I could see.


She whined for me to follow.

I knew Emberly Park well,

And told her I wanted

To go somewhere new.


On her hind legs, she bit my hand!

Pain straightened my back,

And opened my arms wide

So she could leap into them.


Her weight bowed my back

Like rocks in a sack,

As I walked there,

Each step harder than the last.


She knew I couldn’t wait to arrive.

Silk under my hand, she purred,

“Others have walked here defeated.

Don’t be like them. Be ready.”


Black plaque won against my sight

As I walked to Emberly Park,

Sighing, clothed in my thoughts, and soon

There it was, untouched and unchanged.


But I wanted to go somewhere new

I told her again, and set her free.

The rocks doubled on my back

And buckled my knees.


And here in Emberly Park,

Strong and solid with its trees,

Where children’s swings sway,

Sandcastles blow away in the breeze.


Emberly Park is nowhere new to me,

I whined, and fell to my knees.

Rock after rock rolled off my back,

And I crumpled in tears.


I looked at the burning town behind me

Where orange speckled the dark blue.

The next day would only be new

Because today is gone forever.

“Not forever,” she purred, paws suddenly gentle.

The last rock rolled off my back and I lay on the grass

Of Emberly Park, where the black that lined my thoughts
Became the night sky...and she rested on my chest.


I want to go somewhere new! I said with my last breath. 

Her huge eyes on mine, she took it, and,

Just as the full moon bloomed,

Licked the last tear off my cheek.


Janet C. Ro,, of Evanston, IL, wrote the BP #76 poems, “Ghost Lover” & “My Walk to Emberly Park” (+ BP #73’s editor’s favorite, “The Witch and the Rock; the poem, “Farewell, My Isobel” for BP #68; “Monstrous” and “The Scientist,” for BP #67; “Rose and Gold” for BP #65, as well as the “Angelic and Animated Rhyme Sets”; Alien Rhymes for BP #64, and was featured poet in BP #63 with her Thorough Rhymes). She writes: “Thrashing through armies of roses and thorn, I’m rushing to save my dear pet unicorn. My bones are now breaking and my poor skin does bleed. But rescued by every new word that you read:”

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