Black Petals Issue #77 Fall, 2016

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Archangel-Fiction by BP Editor, A. M. Stickel
Drop-Fiction by Michael Mulvihill
Essence of Andrew-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Lupine Savagery-Fiction by Michael Mulvihill
Smith's Emporium-Fiction by Tony Lukas
Spider Line-Fiction by Paul Strickland
Surviving Montezuma, Chapters 3 and 4-Continuing Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
The Apsara-Fiction by Jessie Johnson



By A.M. Stickel, BP Editor

Every vision has its time.



Write Down the Vision.


You are a fly in surreality’s eye,

Homing in on dreamscapes

That turn logic inside out.

Here, glimpse the forbidden forest

Ruled by eternal night,

Where mushroom men lift shy heads

From their slimy clustered masses

At the base of iron trees holding

Up the great gray sky,

Beside a mountain riddled with caves

Where languid leopard ladies lie

Roaring before fires fueled by desire.

There, in a quiet zone, fly alone toward

Empty velvet seats and curtain pleats

Parting to show a scene on a white screen:

Trampling the aqua desert sand

To expose insectile exoskeletons,

A laughing, multi-storied child

Reaches to swat you away.

Zoom out! Wake up! Or die.  


Life is complicated. The afterlife is simple. The myriad forms of the universe are breaking down into their component parts, then reforming into the unimaginable. If fellowship affords nothing but conflict, retreat until you can refresh your soul. In this issue of BP (#77), you may visit different approaches to relationships. Our hope is that you find them enlightening.

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