Black Petals Issue #78 Winter, 2017

Mars-Chris Friend
All is As It Should Be-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Clown Attack-Fiction by Paul Strickland
One Hell of an Interview-Fiction by Daniel Clausen
Sacrifices-Fiction by Toney Baus
Self-Immolation-Fiction by Michael Mulvihill
Surviving Montezuma, Ch. 5 &6-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
The Lucky Break-Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Those Other Guys-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Only at Night-Poem by Cindy O'Quinn
Ouija-Poem by Ramona Thompson
Roadkill Cat-Poem by Ramona Thompson

Winter, 2017



By A.M. Stickel

When Fiction Becomes Fact and Vice-Versa



Handheld Devices

By A.M. Stickel, 2017


How can one man hold in his hand

The promise of our tomorrow?

Can loaded guns handed to sons

Balance the weight of their sorrow?

When with his pen he writes our end,

Deletes the lives we’ve been given,

Clicks on a page to end an age,

Blows us to hell or high heaven,

Is there a shrink who cares what we think,

Heads held in hands at news we can’t stand?

Take a stiff drink and look in the sink:

What’s true is not always vivid.



Welcome, Readers, to “the winter of our discontent”! Appropriately, this season’s issue deals with the less pleasant aspects of existence. Besides the purely demonic, things alien and ghostly and nightmarish are showcased. Consider these pieces not so much an escape from reality as an ornate framework for the present shocking situation many of us find ourselves in. Life as we’ve known it is over. Go with God.

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