Black Petals Issue #78 Winter, 2017

Only at Night
Mars-Chris Friend
All is As It Should Be-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Clown Attack-Fiction by Paul Strickland
One Hell of an Interview-Fiction by Daniel Clausen
Sacrifices-Fiction by Toney Baus
Self-Immolation-Fiction by Michael Mulvihill
Surviving Montezuma, Ch. 5 &6-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
The Lucky Break-Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Those Other Guys-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Only at Night-Poem by Cindy O'Quinn
Ouija-Poem by Ramona Thompson
Roadkill Cat-Poem by Ramona Thompson

Only at Night

By Cindy O’Quinn ( 2016)


Sometimes things

are not there in the light,

but are definitely

present in dark.


Forgiving shadows

during daylight hours

become immortal

in the arms of night.


Stepping away

from unlit corners

are outstretched arms

that movements make.


Your body aches

from a frozen position

held too long

while waiting for dawn.



Cindy O’Quinn,, who wrote BP #78’s poem, “Only at Night,” lives in the North Woods of Maine, on a working homestead, with her husband and two sons. Her work has also been published, or is forthcoming in, Sanitarium Magazine, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Red Fez, Rat’s Ass Review, and on Poetry Breakfast. Her debut novel, Dark Cloud on Naked Creek, will be released soon. 

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