Black Petals Issue #79 Spring, 2017

3 Haiku

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Cellmates-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Drogol the Nosophorous and the Calf of Man-Fiction by Mike Mulvihill
Feral Rage-Fiction by Dave Anderson
First Bite-Fiction by Jeff Dosser
For Sale-Fiction by Dave Anderson
Get Some Shelter-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Last Leg-Fiction by Dave Anderson
Surviving Montezuma, Ch. 7 & 8-Continuing Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Turbulent Silence-Fiction by George Economou
3 Haiku by William Landis
A Mother's Delight-Poem by Liz McAdams
4 Poems by Brendan McBreen

William Landis Poems




werewolf defense club

ordering silver bullets

for assault rifles 



starving vampire

watching kids at the playground

resisting the urge



parents sat him down

holding his hand they told him

he was a robot



William Landis,, who wrote BP #79’s 3 haiku, is a teacher and weekend warrior from the Carolinas who enjoys writing short poetry.

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