Black Petals Issue #79 Spring, 2017

Brendan McBreen Poems

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Cellmates-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Drogol the Nosophorous and the Calf of Man-Fiction by Mike Mulvihill
Feral Rage-Fiction by Dave Anderson
First Bite-Fiction by Jeff Dosser
For Sale-Fiction by Dave Anderson
Get Some Shelter-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Last Leg-Fiction by Dave Anderson
Surviving Montezuma, Ch. 7 & 8-Continuing Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Turbulent Silence-Fiction by George Economou
3 Haiku by William Landis
A Mother's Delight-Poem by Liz McAdams
4 Poems by Brendan McBreen

and nuclear genocide
the world
         will move on

undying is man
cockroach of earthly kitchen
feeding on

a nuclear summer
casting shadows
where there were none

first came the flying machine
snow     snow
      snow          snow
eighteen feet of it
houses disappeared
into buried ruins
no archeologist
         could ever find
without internet
people panicked
and formed
whole new
mole tunnel societies
who grew up there
drew pictures
         after the thaw
of helicopters
         with icicle teeth


Brendan McBreen,, of Auburn, Washington, who wrote “4 Short Poems” for BP #79, is a poet, a writer of science fiction, and a collage artist. On a recent trip to the Oregon coast, walking over a sand dune up from the beach, he ran into a whole herd of elk—it was amazing! Brendan’s first full-length collection of poetry, Cosmic Egg, is forthcoming from MoonPath Press 2017.

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