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Sunday Evening


by Victor Clevenger



John took another step, and reached out with his hands. Abby reared back with the paring blade, and shouted as if she was being attacked by a madman. “JOHN!”


“AHHHHH!” John shouted back, but Abby didn’t have the guts to plunge the blade, and John didn’t reach for Abby; he just reached out in her direction. He reached out for the potato that she was holding.


“GIMME THAT!” he said, as he tore it from her hand. 


Abby quickly lowered her center of gravity and took a defensive posture, not knowing what John might do next. John put the potato against his lips, and bit a chunk out of it with his teeth. He spat the chunk out onto the floor.


“John, you are acting stupid, and crazy!”


“NO, Abby, this here is stupid, and crazy!” 


John reached down and lifted his scrotum up; he shoved what was left of the potato between his legs, and wedged it in tight. He let go of his scrotum and his balls dropped down to where Abby couldn’t see the potato anymore.


“Dammit, John,” she said.


John squeezed his legs tight together and squatted down, “Check this out, Abby, I can hop like a horny toad without dropping this thing.”


“Enough, John, stop it!”


John made two more hops before he stood up, and pulled the potato out from between his legs. He spun once in a circle, and when he stopped, he hurled the potato at the trash can.  He missed and the lopsided potato rolled across the floor.

Victor Clevenger’s latest poetry collection will be released soon from Spartan Press, and is titled Congenital Pipe Dreams.  Selected pieces of his work have appeared in a variety of places online, and in print.  He spends his days in a Madhouse and his nights with his second ex-wife, together they raise six children in a small town northeast of Kansas City, MO. 

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