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Jim Dandy


by g emil reutter


In hardened veins, the life that was you

coagulates, thickens with each missed

breath. The chill of death is upon you.


Bacteria feast on what is left of you and I

think what were you thinking when you said

don’t embalm me, no autopsy, just put me

in a box.


You were a dandy dresser, everything was just

right. As tough as you were, your nails were

always manicured. The undertaker is not happy

as no matter how much makeup he applies you

my old friend are green.


There you lay, a rotting corpse in a box, a nicely

dressed rotting corpse, but rotting with eyes

beginning to bulge and your swollen tongue

pressing against the stitched lips of your mouth.


As they carry you out to the hearse the smell of

rotten eggs wafts about. You wanted to be one

with nature when you departed, you have succeeded.

At the cemetery they lower you down, throw the dirt

on your box.


No one will know those final hours your body

vanishes, nails and hair fall out, the organs that

gave life liquefy and finally you swell and swell

bursting open, your skeleton resting in the muck

of what once was you.



g emil reutter is a writer of poems and stories. He can be found at https://gereutter.wordpress.com/about/

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