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and so, naked us


by ayaz daryl nielsen



I pause beside

her table, saying,

“umm, you know,

it appears you’re

sitting here

with nothing on . . .”

“au contraire,” she replies,

“I’m clothed in warm air

and summer sunshine

and the soft-cushioned

seat I’m sitting on and

my feet are resting

on a lovely burnished

mahogany patio and I’ve

this full glass of

sauvignon blanc for

my fingers, lips and mind . . .

and so,” she then purrs,

“would you like to join me?”

A few moments with

a completely blank

mind, and I’m saying

“yes, I believe I will,”

and we have a lovely

late afternoon into 

evening, naked, together,

yes, and so we did

and so we still are.




ayaz daryl nielsen, ex-roughneck (as on oil rigs) and hospice nurse, is editor of bear creek haiku (27+ years/135+ issues), homes for his poems include Yellow Mama, Lilliput Review, SCIFAIKUEST, Yellow Mama, Shamrock, Yellow Mama, Kind of a Hurricane, VerseWrights, and Yellow Mamaonline at: bear creek haiku poetry, poems and info.

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