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by John Doyle



So this is the aftermath—

of weeks and weeks


they goose-step back to cities,

and teach their cubs to wave at trains,

oh Christ, it's a bloody aftermath,

of Mondays

wheezing on digital fog;


I think I'll spend this weekend

chattering with salty-stones

and waving at kids,

who will one day teach their children to wave back




John Doyle, 41, is from County Kildare, Ireland. After a long absence from writing (almost 7 years), he returned to poetry in early 2015 following a series of dramatic up and downs in his personal life, and since then has had his first full length collection, A Stirring At Dusk, published. His influences include Jim Craven, Susan Wicks, Eavan Boland, Philip Larkin, and John Haines.

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