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Art by Patty Mulligan 2017


by Marci McKim



It was supposed to be a reading
At the bar,
Followed by a band, who were
Already drunk.
Apparently, they didn’t like
People reading.


“We don’t want to hear that shit,”
Yelled the drummer
While I read my story.
I finished my reading,
And yelled at him
“Come over here and say that!”

And he did.


While he yelled in my face,
With one swift kick
I broke his knee.
He lay on the floor
Screaming. I said,

“I don’t want to hear that shit!”


Marci McKim has been writing all her life. When she was in 6th grade, she started a monthly newsletter for her class, the first in Woodrow Wilson School.


Her writing has been published in The Legal Letter of the National Association of Theatre Owners, Publishers Weekly, PD News, Computer Graphic Magazine,
New York Magazine and the poetry anthologies of the Networking Cafe.


She was editor-in-chief for the Exhibit Reporter, an R.R. Bowker publication.


Marci has been a technical writer since the mid-1980s, and currently writes business documents and proposals as a Software Development Project Manager.


She is also lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band Red, White and Blues. Some of her music is available on YouTube.

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