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Art by Bryan Cicalese 2018

The Jarvis and Mae Team

by Paul Beckman


Jarvis left early, skipping his breakfast coffee.

Mae took the bucket of cleaning supplies into the bathroom and began scrubbing. Two hours on the bathtub alone, and extra on the spigot and faucets. After the bathroom sin,k she ate some milk crackers and drank a beer.

She finished the sink in minutes, since there were only spots of spray and not layers like the tub. She started on the tile floor, had another beer, and then on the grout, which took three toothbrushes and a couple of hours.

When Mae finished, she saw a couple of sprays on the tile wall and got those off in no time.

After putting the cleaning bucket back, she set about making dinner for Jarvis. He always liked comfort food after a job, and she made a damned fine stew, if she said so, herself.

At eight he showed up with the banker all trussed-up and duct-taped. Jarvis tossed him in the tub, saying dinner first.

Mae wished he wouldn’t bring his work home with him, and that he lay more plastic down, but she said nothing and watched a little TV, while Jarvis was busy hacking away.


In his younger years Paul Beckman was a numbers runner, a fence, and hung around with the bad crowd. He still hangs with a dubious crowd.

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