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Illo by Kenneth James Crist 2018

Sky Toucher


by Jerry Vilhotti



"Papa, can I have it?" five-year-old Gianni asked, standing before the window of the Fordham Road Toy Store.


He thought the plane he saw could really fly. He could fit his whole body inside the cockpit and have enough room to spare, while shooting down Nazi and Nip planes piloted by sneering blond guys with scars on their faces and buck-teethed guys wearing very thick glasses; looking like they didn't know how to fly. 


Later, as a young adult, he would find out Wernher von Braun was planning a plane strike to kill little kids in New York City.


No, Gianni, but with the war just started, I will be working more, building ships in the great navy yard, and I'll get you two planes to fly!"


Gianni wanted only this one. This plane he would dream about many nights, flying up past the clouds, and he would tell anyone who came near him and his plane that he was not lost, and he would announce his address to the fierce, shouting winds several times before doing a mighty climb to get to the lightest part of the sky that was way over by the warm sun. It was the same sky that he wanted to touch when his father lifted him up towards it.


On the way back home, Johnny let go of his father's hand and ran a few paces ahead of him. Jumping over a fire hydrant, he looked up as he flapped his arms like wings buzzing and humming; reaching the free clouds that floated above him, high in the sky.



Jerry Vilhotti (jvilhotti@optimum.net) graduated from the only college that won the NIT and NCCA basketball tournaments in the same year, but more importantly than that, Jonas Salk, who helped rid some of the world of polio with his vaccine, was also given the opportunity to contribute to Mankind and graduated from the same NYC College that’s called in some circles: “The poor man’s Harvard.” This, and the fact that there was a place of higher learning that indeed gave every race, nationality, and creed an opportunity to play in the game of sculpting a better world, gives him greater pleasure, and as good fortune would have it, a nice publisher has accepted two collections of his: Gods Depicting Pastime (You have to like, or dislike, baseball to enjoy), and Specks in the Eyes of Seeing, that follows a toddler's journey into manhood. He thanks you for your time and dedication….

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