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Art by Ann Marie Rhiel 2018



by John Grey



In the darkness,

they revert to their true nature,

the accumulated sweat of the day

going cold and crystalizing,

their minds like gas lamps

in blanketing fog,

their hunger too extreme

for streetlamp shadow to hold.


In the light,

you nodded as you passed them

on the sidewalk.

You caught a glance of them

staring in windows

but didn’t give it another thought.


But come night,

their essence,

a million years in the making,

permeates the backstreets, the alleys,

makes its way to the tenements,

threatens the solitary stepping out

or the lonely holed up

in their upper floor apartments.


In the light,

they seem harmless enough.

In the dark,

it’s your turn

to seem harmless enough.




John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in Examined Life Journal, Studio One, and Columbia Review, with work upcoming in Leading EdgePoetry East, and Midwest Quarterly. 

In Association with Black Petals & Fossil Publications 2018