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Art by Daniel Valentin 2018



by Chad Haskins


I’ve got them in my sight—

a witch, a big cop and a little cop.

The big cop has a golden

gun and a sparkling badge.

The little toddler cop, I guess, is

supposed to look like the other,

but the familiar nose, eyes,

hair, and face don’t match.


About 2 years and 9 months

ago she made love to me,

and said she wanted to

marry me. The next day she

left, and I never saw her again,

until now—having driven

1100 miles to find out for sure

what I always suspected. . . .

She wanted a baby for herself

and her 30-year-older sugar daddy,

but she never loved me like she said.


I’m scribbling all this down now,

still holding my rifle in the other—

See Babe—I am talented!

Hope you get those fucking plastic

Jack-O’Lantern candy holders

filled up with something tasty,

like SweeTarts.


And if you read this note someday,

you will already know I didn’t ruin

your Halloween tonight or try to step

into the life you stole from me—I became

the goddamn lonely ghost you created

me to be . . . the one that doesn’t haunt you,

even if he tried.

Chad Haskins lives in Georgia. Chad enjoys reading crime fiction and horror stories. He also likes to go fishing and is a Bob Dylan music fan. Chad's writing has appeared, or is forthcoming, in a few places, including The 5-2, Yellow Mama, Coffin Bell Journal, The Horror Zine, The Flash Fiction Offensive, The Citron Review, and Golden Sparrow Literary Review.

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