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Art by Ann Marie Rhiel 2018

Developing Land


by Alan Catlin



They are landscaping graveyards,

raking fallen leaves, riding mowers,

trimming weeds, dandelions gone to

seed, growing out of control grass,

pruning dying yews, chain sawing

thick trucks and hollow limbs,

piling the cut and the dead against

wrought iron fencing, rust bleeding

through flaked black paint, staining

the ground, memorial plaques; all day

and nights, we can hear the rasping

of power tools redefining the shapes,

changing the grounds, expanding

perimeters, by morning all the soft

excavated places will be marked by

their footprints, smudged cigarettes

and discarded coffee cup containers,

empty aluminum beer cans mark their

trail from one world to the next.



Alan Catlin has published dozens of chapbooks and full-length books of poetry, including the 2017 Slipstream Chapbook Contest winner in 2017, Blue Velvet. He is the poetry editor of misfitmagazine.net.

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