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Art by Ann Marie Rhiel 2018



by John Grey


My soul can't get into my head,
the way is barred,
and by a madman.
Insufferable it is,
that sanity's laid bare,
exposed so freely to this other.
He has the weapons, cuts me deep,
squeezes the reason out of me.

And all the time I see what he is doing,
I can't respond.
He laughs at me in the mirror.
He says I put him up to it.

Do I? Do I?
The unutterable has fastened me to him,
tows me with an umbilical cord
I have not teeth enough to gnaw.
Terrible old sinner.
No one can rule me ever, he screams.
Who knows what terror he can wreak
on the unsuspecting.
He already does it to the ones forewarned.

Look at the eyes.
How lurid. How tearful.
How bursting. How shriveled.
How obsessed. How did it ever come to this.
Oh how plainly I see my pathetic position:
to abide while dissenting,
and worse yet, to slaughter
with such pity.

Yet, there is hope.
Earth turns. Sun crushes moon.
The despised demon may own the night.
But I have the clarity of daylight.
I see that the more he spits on heaven,
the more likely,
God may any moment intervene.
He's a trio after all.
I wonder how He gets himself to agree.
Must ask the next unfortunate priest
whose bloody dead hand absolves me.




John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in the Homestead Review, Poetry East, and Columbia Review, with work upcoming in Harpur Palate, the Hawaii Review, and North Dakota Quarterly

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