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by John D. Robinson


Beachy Head in East Sussex,

UK; is a famous stretch of

coastal cliffs, people travel

from around the globe to

jump into oblivion;

it’s about 15 miles from

my home:

I’d met him 3 or 4 times,

a softly spoken, polite and

effeminate, lisping gay-man

19 years old, who enjoyed

the occasional use of

booze and hash, nothing

concerning, party stuff;

his younger brother

jumped to his death 8

months ago, he attended

the funeral, flanked by

hospital staff, stood alone,

away from his family,

outcast and ignored,

like he’d always been

and just a few days ago,

he too threw himself

from Beachy Head;

I’m 55 and I thought I

knew of pain, suffering

and despair,

I don’t,

I don’t have a fucking

clue and it’s best I

keep on getting drunk

and stoned and carry on

with the slow suicide

of living.



John D Robinson is a UK poet: hundreds of his poems have appeared in the small press and online literary journals: his latest publications are The Pursuit Of Shadows (Analog Submission Press (UK) 2018) Hitting Home (Iron Lung Press (USA) 2018) Echoes Of Diablo will be published by Concrete Meat press (UK) in August 2018.

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