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Art by KJ Hannah Greenberg 2019



by Michael Keshigian


He found himself at the symphony

where the sophisticated people milled about,

dropping names while drinking champagne

served in the entrance foyer.

A quite haughty yet beautiful woman

approached him, stepped out of her dress

and sat in the seat next to his,

her attire falling to her ankles.

She stated that only he, presently, 

and her husband, not in attendance,

had peeked the enhanced cleavage

created by her push-up under garments.

The spotlight turned from the conductor

upon his podium to highlight

her abundant breasts, 

though the diamond necklace around her neck

produced a glare that blinded his stare

and caused him to fall forward 

while the orchestra played the “Habanera”

from Bizet’s Carmen.

He awoke squeezing the ample pillows

upon which he slept.

An hour later, he stared out the window

at the rain-drenched lawn

when a black bear entered

his field of vision,

a huge, angry bear, walking upright,

with matted fur from the ensuing cloudbursts

that created a stick-like figure

when the beast turned sideways,

lifted his head toward dark heaven

and roared a window-shattering plea

then galloped toward the house for respite,

pounding thunderously at the door 

which woke him for the second time this night.


Michael Keshigian’s thirteenth poetry collection, The Garden of Summer, was released this April, 2019 by Flutter Press (available at flutterpress2009.blogspot.com and Amazon). He has been widely published in numerous national and international journals and has appeared as feature writer in over twenty publications with 6 Pushcart Prize and 2 Best of the Net nominations. (michaelkeshigian.com)

KJ Hannah Greenberg captures the world in words and images. Her latest photography portfolio is 20/20: KJ Hannah Greenberg Eye on Israel. Her most recent poetry collection is Mothers Ought to Utter Only Niceties (Unbound CONTENT, 2017). Her most recent fiction collection is the omnibus, Concatenation (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2018).

Recently, Hannah’s seventh short story collection was published by Bards and Sages Publishing.

The publisher writes: "Bards and Sages Publishing is pleased to bring readers Walnut Street, our seventh short story collection by KJ Hannah Greenberg. Greenberg’s flair for the peculiar and eclectic shines through in this collection of over fifty flash and short fiction works featuring anthropomorphic starship pilots, angsty authors, strange neighbors, and more."

Walnut Street is available on Amazon:


Volumes One through Five of the KJ Hannah Greenberg Short Story Collection at 50% off the list in an exclusive bundle only at 


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