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Art by W. Jack Savage 2019

Rolly pollies


by Alex Salinas



Every morning, I wake up to find

about seven or eight rolly pollies 

scattered on my beige carpet,

some alive, some barely, some dead.


I used to approach them cautiously,

use paper towels to shield

my palms from their shells,

then throw them into the garbage.


O the damage that did.

When I finally decided to take matters

into my own hands, actually feel the

pellets of their bodies roll,


I stopped dumping them

into the trash and instead released

them to the patch of grass

outside my front door.


They say newborns need their

mother’s touch, skin-to-skin contact,

to help their brains produce the right

amount of hormones.


Adulthood is no different.

Walk into any state prison and stare

long enough into a convict’s eyes—

tell me what you find missing there.


They say we eventually become self-sufficient— 

logical, reasonable, responsible.

They say once we’re no longer children,

we’ve grown up.


This is the point at which we

lose touch, probably—forget the connections
we made when we were unafraid
of using our hands.




Alex Salinas lives in San Antonio, Texas. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from St. Mary’s University, and will earn a master’s degree in English language and literature, also from St. Mary’s, in December 2019.


His poems have been published in the San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio Review, The Rye Whiskey Review, and Duane’s PoeTree. His short fiction has appeared in publications such as Every Day Fiction, Mystery Tribune, Nanoism, escarp, 101 Words, 101 Fiction, 121 Words, 365tomorrows, and Friday Flash Fiction.

W. Jack Savage is a retired broadcaster and educator. He is the author of eight books including Imagination: The Art of W. Jack Savage (wjacksavage.com).  To date, more than fifty of Jack’s short stories and over a thousand of his paintings and drawings have been published worldwide. Jack and his wife Kathy live in Monrovia, California.

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