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Art by Cindy Rosmus 2019


by Brian Rihlmann


I awake

on Christmas morning

in a filthy, dusty room

to the smell

of cigarette smoke

drifting in. . . .

So I tiptoe out,

and there he sits

at the kitchen table,

holding his cig,

drinking a beer

at 9 AM

It’s him, all right:

the bloodshot eyes

with red nose to match,

the deep acne scars,

and a faint smile pasted

on that monkey mouth of his.

I pull out a chair

sit down across from him

and spit it out:

“I do NOT fucking write like you!”

The smile twitches,

increases ever so slightly.

Then he belches beer in my face

through crooked yellow teeth,

laughs, and says,

“What did you think

they’d say, kid?”

“I had a whole crazy life

of my own,

filled with dive bars,

dope and whores

long before

I ever heard your name, pal. . . .

back when the only poetry

I gave a shit about

were song lyrics I wrote

for my band.”

He nods,

leans back in his chair

and squints at me

as though he’s reading

some very fine print

scrawled across my face.

I continue:

“So now

I can’t write about

my own agonies

just because you did?

Put our stuff

side by side,

it doesn’t even

read the same.”

He cocks his head slightly, says,

“You know . . .

I think you must be crazy, baby.

I never wasted time

I could have spent drinking

to pick a fight with a dead man.”

Now I smile, as his fades.

“We all fight with dead men, Hank . . .

just different ones.”

He sits silent a moment,

then raises his beer bottle

as though toasting me,

tilts his head back

and drains what’s left

in a gulp.


Brian Rihlmann was born in NJ, and currently lives in Reno, NV. He writes mostly semiautobiographical, confessional free verse. Folk poetry . . . for folks. He has been published in Constellate Magazine, Poppy Road Review, The Rye Whiskey Review, Cajun Mutt Press, and has an upcoming piece in The American Journal Of Poetry.

Cindy Rosmus is a Jersey girl who looks like a Mob Wife & talks like Anybody’s from West Side Story. She works out 5-6 days a week, so needs no excuse to drink or do whatever the hell she wants She’s been published in the usual places, such as Shotgun Honey, Hardboiled, A Twist of Noir, Megazine, Beat to a Pulp, Out of the Gutter, Mysterical-E, and Twisted Sister. She is the editor/art director of the ezine, Yellow Mama. She’s a Gemini, a Christian, and an animal rights activist. She has recently been branching out into photo illustration, under the guidance and mentoring of Ann Marie Rhiel.

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