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Art by Brendan Matley 2020

Reading Bukowski


by Robert Kokan



I got you Bukowski

You hard-nosed old bastard all guts and gristle

Beer belly

Don’t give a damn grin

Cigarettes and whiskey

Writer of old bones and rags

Breast pocket full of poems and ponies

How at the track high on the horses

And the hard-on thrill of racing muscle

You bet on long shots because you liked their name

Or the jockey winked at you earlier

Or because you were once a long shot too

At the bell the crowd in the stands shouting

With one sweet beautiful voice

“GO! GO! GO!”


I see you old man

hard fast and real

You live don’t worry

And I live

Looking out at life too


Like it’s all crazy shit

Like looking down the wrong end of a rifle

Knowing you’re the one in the crosshairs

Living like dying

Is the only thing that makes sense

If that makes any sense

But we’re both gonna live forever

Got it all down on paper baby

Robert Kokan has had poetry accepted by Windy Hill Review and the upcoming 42 word anthology

Brendan Matley lives in the town of Oldham near Manchester, England. He is married and has a daughter named Amy, whom he loves more than anything. He's been writing fiction for years, and he and a friend had a short-lived crime/noir ezine called A Shot of Ink. He hates Manchester United by the way, and pulls for his local team.

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