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Name:  Kenneth James Crist

E-mail:  blkptls@yahoo.com
Location:  Wichita, KS
Birthday:  27 June, 1944
Bio:  Born Kenneth James Goss, June 27, 1944. Adopted at six weeks of age, last name changes to Crist. (Occasionally I write under name of Christopher Goss) Military service at seventeen, four years U. S. Air Force. Married wife Donna while stationed at McConnell AFB in Wichita. One daughter, Cheryl Crist-McMann of Olympia, WA. Attended Wichita State University, but no degree-majored in psychology and Admin. of Justice. Served twenty years on Wichita Police Department, retiring in 1992. Went to work for Wesley Medical Center that same year in security department. Never wrote a thing until 1994, when I tried my first novel, ?The Progeny?. I still have it, and it?s not bad, but rather lengthy. In 1996-1997 I took the Writer?s Digest Novel Writing Workshop under the direction of Mr. William Greenleaf. While taking that workshop, I wrote my second novel, ?Spores?. Again, not bad, but a tired idea that?s been overworked. Next wrote ?Surviving Montezuma?, a deep-space opera that?s never won any attention, either. Started writing and submitting short stories in 1998, with my first publication in Black Petals in June, 1998, Editor at that time Danielle Naibert (D. M. Yorton) of Manitowoc, WI. Recently finished new novel, ?Joshua?, easily the best yet, and submitting short stories like crazy. Published in Black Petals, Dark Starr, The Edge, Seductive Torture, Bloody Muse, Skin and Bones, Beyond, Sinister Element, Edgar, the-swamp.net, Kudzu Monthly, etc. In 1999, bought Black Petals from D. M. Yorton in Wisconsin and started Fossil Publications. Became big-time publisher (snort) and editor. I enjoy motorcycling, competition shooting and antique collecting, especially old clocks and radios. My mailing address is: 11627 Taft Wichita KS 67209 e-mail:blkptls@yahoo.com
Blog Created:  Thursday, 16 August 2007
Last Updated:  Thursday, 16 August 2007 - 4:08 PM EDT
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