Black Petals Issue #93 Autumn, 2020

My Darling, My Sustenance
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Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Justin Alcala: A Horse for Us All-Fiction
Matthew Penwell: Bless Be Him-Fiction
Shiloh Simmons: Coffin Birth-Fiction
John Cox: Don't Teach Cats Latin-Fiction
Ken Hueler: I, Said the Fish-Fiction
R. A. Busby: Not the Man I Married-Fiction
Jude Clee: Notes from a Bathroom Stall-Fiction
M. W. Moriearty: Scarecrows-Fiction
Robert Masterson: Sharper Than She Ever Imagined-Fiction
Michael Steven: The Mirror-Fiction
Kevin Hawthorne: The Song-Fiction
Marlin Bressi: The Man on the Box-Fiction
Terry Riccardi: Winter Hunt-Fiction
Stephen J. Tillman: Angry Tammy-Flash Fiction
Andreas Hort: Pay the Price!-Flash Fiction
Sam Clover: Piety and Parm-Flash Fiction
Deisy Toussaint: Parasite in the Shadows-Flash Fiction
Outnumbered-Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
Mickey Sloan: Basement Beldam-Poetry
Daniel G. Snethen: Grandmother Screamed-Poetry
Daniel G. Snethen: Pumpkin Tanka-Poetry
Daniel G. Snethen: Yellow Death-Haiku
Theresa C. Gaynord: The JuJu Man-Poetry
Theresa C. Gaynord: The Widow Paris-Poetry
Theresa C. Gaynord: Funeral at the Louisiana Bayou-Poetry
Theresa C. Gaynord: The Old Hag-Poetry
Loris John Fazio: Halloween Prayer-Poetry
Marilyn Lou Berry: My Darling, My Sustenance-Poetry
Chris Collins: Nature-Poetry

My Darling, My Sustenance


By Marilyn Lou Berry


Run, my darling,

For the sun is setting.

“You must not get lost in the dark”,

Pleads your tachycardic heart.


Claw the air as you run, my darling.

Shred your fear to pieces.

Drop them behind you

As you run for cover.


Drop your fear for me to find and follow

To your twilight hiding place

That I may gastronomically anticipate

Your flavors; your tender, juicy freshness.


Hide behind the maple

With your trepidation in full throttle.


As I grab you in swoon,

Your twisted nape elicits





Oh, scream in delicious terror,

For the ground – your grave – will be my plate.

I'll spread your blood as gravy

Over muscle, bone, and sinew.


I'll sip your agony.

I'll slurp from bowel and cranium,

And toast our destiny.



Marilyn Berry is a devoted reader of fiction and a compulsive writer of poetry. She lives with her daughter and 2 kitties by a lake in the Pacific Northwest where the muses beg for attention.  Soon to retire, she will then have all the time in the world to write. She currently works fulltime.  She has a degree in anthropology and another in biology, both of which have taught her unique ways to see and feel.  She learned to perform autopsies and appreciates other cultures, leading her to be able to dig deeply into the questions of what we are truly made of.  She especially enjoys gardening, swimming, martial arts, and cooking.

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