Black Petals Issue #84 Summer, 2018

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Goodbye to Nowhere Land-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Just a Minute-Fiction by Mark Joseph Kevlock
Nobody Should Be in 1610 Maple-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Fiction by A.M. Stickel, Chapter 1
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Fiction by A.M. Stickel, Chapter 2
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Fiction by A.M. Stickel, Chapter 3
Prey-Poems by Michael Keshigian
Asunder-Poems by Mick Rose



Michael Keshigian


Scorching heat

emanated from

the curvatures

of her body,

tightly bound

by black leather lace,

stretched to expose

her oozing sensuality.

She glowed red

on the dance floor,

causing glancing eyeballs

to sweat

while she gyrated lithely

amid the crowd,

a serpent slithering

between hardened reeds

searching for

an appropriate morsel

to feed upon,

a willing prey.



Tough Sell


Michael Keshigian


Death works all day, every day,

twenty four hours in all.

No one works as hard.

No one else is in such demand.


Always on the road away from home,

he travels door to door,

from rural confines to city populous

and offers service with a personal touch.


He seldom spends time with the wife.

She’s invariably alone,

and he never sees the kids.

His job takes him all over creation,


traveling about

with black satchel in hand,

to search out someone

with a bad cold or telltale cough.


Often he takes the wrong flight,

boards an errant train

because addresses change

or the client has recouped losses.


But there’s never time to call home

and explain a change of plans.

Job rewards are very little,

though he does manage to sleep,


even in the busy season.

It’s a knack he’s acquired;

to identify someone without haste

reluctantly available to share a bed.



Transit Station


Michael Keshigian


People squeeze, early morn,

like an accordion awaiting breath,

without identity or outward emotion

within a hole in city bowels

where stoic silence chokes stale air

and the crowd anticipates

a serpentine monster,

which exudes electrical impulse

to deliver them to dutiful destination.

A dilatory fear deepens

as the cramped throng

oscillates nervously,

until the lighted eye of transport

appears within its curvaceous lair

and exudes a deafening screech,

hisses, then halts to consume

willing human sacrifices without abandon.

The frenzy incites an incredible gorge

as the creature bulges

and quickly departs

to pursue an additional feast.





Michael Keshigian


an air-bubble burst

the final hiccup

on the brink

of the doorstep

to oblivion

lungs' conclusive expanse

captures lonely molecules

of oxygen

carrying the ultimate sigh of consciousness

before deflation


and a lifetime of living

with memories extinguish

feelings, emotions, thoughts

erased during the final gurgle

while the brain reluctantly realizes

the permanent nature

of death,

an enigmatic, peaceful companion

severing connections to living

decaying corpse

of passionless lifelessness

hovered upon by pitying

selfless souls


their own realization


the ultimate moment

of transition

when life is no more


Michael Keshigian,, from New Hampshire, who wrote the BP #84 poems, “Prey,” “Tough Sell,” “Transit Station,” & “Transition” (+ BP #82’s poems, “In Line at the Terminal,” “Midnight Molt,” “Moments before Awakening,” and “Primordial Night”; BP #74’s poems, “Cemetery Haze,” “Eternal Exile,” and “Present Comfort”), had his twelfth poetry collection, Into the Light, released in April, 2017 by Flutter Press. His tenth poetry collection, Beyond, was released May, 2015 by Black Poppy. He has been published in numerous national and international journals including Oyez Review, Red River Review, Sierra Nevada College Review, Oklahoma Review, Chiron Review, and has appeared as feature writer in over a 20 publications with 6 Pushcart Prize and 2 Best Of The Net nominations.

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