Black Petals Issue #95 Spring, 2021

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Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Blue Meet-Fiction by George Aitch
Dark Alleyways-Fiction by Adam Phillips
Iris' Vanity-Fiction by Tristan Miller
Scalp Cleanse-Fiction by Kajetan Kwiatkowski
The Muscus-Fiction by Alice Stone
The Wrong Place-Fiction by Ante Caleta
Things That Happen-Fiction by Guido Eekhaut
Tidal Horror-Fiction by Sal Braden
Two Martinis In-Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Vampire-Fiction by Gene Lass
Hypnic Jerk-Flash Fiction by Vismay Harani
Speed Dating-Flash Fiction by Alexander Condie
Step Out-Flash Fiction by Ed Nobody
The Packing Bay-Flash Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Trophy Kill-Flash Fiction by Eddie D. Moore
Occupational Hazard-Flash Fiction by Doug Hawley
The Definition of Crash-Poems by Paul David Adkins
Ghost: A Working Definition-Poem by Carl E. Reed
Vampiric Threnody-Poem by Carl E. Reed
Leelanau Lake Monster-Poems by Richard Stevenson
Ballast-2 Poems by Angelo Letizia
Pit Bull-3 Poems by Pete Mladinic
Shadow of Sleep-Poem by Teresa Ann Frazee
Microcosmus-3 Poems by Daniel Snethen
The Higher Dimensions-Poem by David C. Kopaska- Merkel


Angelo Letizia

Pacing in the aisle

Trying to fill it

The mouth with nails or sawdust maybe

Anything to weight myself down


Invisible gales wash through the pathways

Sweep me like kites

Or balloons or confetti

Into the blue sky

Oblivions divide like cancer

In the jaw

Black holes that drop to the feet

With the weight of their own gravity

Send me spiraling

I grab hold of metal shelves

Trying to keep myself

On this planet

I am too light and

Can feel my blood

Blown through the sun

Into that terrible star

But suddenly in the store

Jackals behind the pens and notebooks

Demons in the light fixtures

Maggots and lice on the floor hear the call

And crawl into my empty bones for me, for weight


Existential Surgeon

Angelo Letizia

Existential surgeon

Scalpel of the stars

Slices the skin

With precision

Inside there is only a carcass

But the dead hand

Grabs the scalpel

And slices infinity

Demons and dust pour out

Of the universe’s wound 

Angelo Letizia is currently a professor of education at a small college in Baltimore Maryland. His true passion however is poetry. He has two books of poetry forthcoming with Silver Bow press The Starry Devil and Other Unwanted Poems (2021) and The Pilgrims of Infinity (2022).  Angelo's poetry has also been published (or is forthcoming) in a number of literary outlets including Tales from the Moonlit Path, Bewildering Stories, The Atlantean, Sirens Call, Red Planet, AHF Magazine, Dissections, Fevers of the Mind, and Bowery Gothic to name a few. Angelo lives with his wife and three children in Northern Maryland. 

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