Black Petals Issue #95 Spring, 2021

Shadow of Sleep
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Blue Meet-Fiction by George Aitch
Dark Alleyways-Fiction by Adam Phillips
Iris' Vanity-Fiction by Tristan Miller
Scalp Cleanse-Fiction by Kajetan Kwiatkowski
The Muscus-Fiction by Alice Stone
The Wrong Place-Fiction by Ante Caleta
Things That Happen-Fiction by Guido Eekhaut
Tidal Horror-Fiction by Sal Braden
Two Martinis In-Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Vampire-Fiction by Gene Lass
Hypnic Jerk-Flash Fiction by Vismay Harani
Speed Dating-Flash Fiction by Alexander Condie
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The Packing Bay-Flash Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Trophy Kill-Flash Fiction by Eddie D. Moore
Occupational Hazard-Flash Fiction by Doug Hawley
The Definition of Crash-Poems by Paul David Adkins
Ghost: A Working Definition-Poem by Carl E. Reed
Vampiric Threnody-Poem by Carl E. Reed
Leelanau Lake Monster-Poems by Richard Stevenson
Ballast-2 Poems by Angelo Letizia
Pit Bull-3 Poems by Pete Mladinic
Shadow of Sleep-Poem by Teresa Ann Frazee
Microcosmus-3 Poems by Daniel Snethen
The Higher Dimensions-Poem by David C. Kopaska- Merkel



Shadow of Sleep

Teresa Ann Frazee


As I slept soundly last night, I took a man's life

Among vague witnesses not distinctly known

In one of those nightmares harbored with omens

Adrift in violet space, cold as a head stone


Oh you see, I had good reasons, it served him right

They'll track down my murderous handprint for a prize

He had it coming, I keep telling myself

A naive defense for the jury, when they all rise


Nothing will shut those twelve jabbering mouths that scorn

I'll yield to my punishment, they'll sum up the case

But fear the biased sentence, not legally sound

Forever condemned, to lie in no resting place


While premeditation was never my crime

We're all weak at times, still, I stand by my plea

A midnight misdemeanor and fate pursues doom

Here dies another night,  please, someone pray for me


DNA stains on my pillow, the only real,

Incriminating evidence the judge has got

I heard the verdict read over the hushed silence

Sweating, wrapped in a sheet of flames, damningly hot


The prosecution has won their pitiless ears

Like smirking marionettes, all nod to the sentence,

Bathed in a haunting glow, from the edge of perception

They scattered into flight and left their mark of vengeance


Even good men, sometimes forget themselves in slumber

A deep sleep forces me to slay in heedless ways

Inside something infests, angry, dark and unfed

Suddenly, a shrieking crow breaks my drowsy haze


Soon I'm lulled back into the shadow of sleep

My heart bears not even a whisper of remorse

Imprisoned in this etherized state of anxiety

The proof of this, my wanton deed, holds the course


A gallows rope is prepared to grasp my throat

I heard the verdict , and so it shall be their law

I'll drop and swing beneath the devouring hole

And wipe clean the scarring tears of guilt no more

A visual artist for over thirty years, Teresa has received many awards and honors. Also, she has been pursuing her other love, writing. She is a published poet, including Skyline Magazine, Literary House Review, Poetry Shelter, The Horror Zine Magazine and Twice The Terror: The Horror Zine Anthology, Death Head Grin and E Book Anthology, Aphelion , What Fears Become: The Horror Zine Anthology, My Word Wizard, 100 Thousand Poets for Change at World & Eye, Short Story, Storymania, Founder & Host Poetry Reading series “Art & Literature”, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artists’ Guild, Author of “New City Souls", A Poetry Cabaret, Author of Sebastian Kane, Performance/Workshop, The Original Van Gogh’s Ear, Black Petals and Blood Moon Rising, Mused. 2nd place winner short story in Creativity Webzine, Inner Sins, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, Contributing Writer, Muse Magazine: Boca Raton Museum of Art and Empty Closet Women's Theater, Trifecta, Incomplete Sentences, One Act Play, including 5 other plays produced.

Inside her world of make believe she paints and writes what she knows to be true. Bound by the creative force, she leaves reality entirely up to you.

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