Black Petals Issue #95 Spring, 2021

Vampiric Threnody
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Blue Meet-Fiction by George Aitch
Dark Alleyways-Fiction by Adam Phillips
Iris' Vanity-Fiction by Tristan Miller
Scalp Cleanse-Fiction by Kajetan Kwiatkowski
The Muscus-Fiction by Alice Stone
The Wrong Place-Fiction by Ante Caleta
Things That Happen-Fiction by Guido Eekhaut
Tidal Horror-Fiction by Sal Braden
Two Martinis In-Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Vampire-Fiction by Gene Lass
Hypnic Jerk-Flash Fiction by Vismay Harani
Speed Dating-Flash Fiction by Alexander Condie
Step Out-Flash Fiction by Ed Nobody
The Packing Bay-Flash Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Trophy Kill-Flash Fiction by Eddie D. Moore
Occupational Hazard-Flash Fiction by Doug Hawley
The Definition of Crash-Poems by Paul David Adkins
Ghost: A Working Definition-Poem by Carl E. Reed
Vampiric Threnody-Poem by Carl E. Reed
Leelanau Lake Monster-Poems by Richard Stevenson
Ballast-2 Poems by Angelo Letizia
Pit Bull-3 Poems by Pete Mladinic
Shadow of Sleep-Poem by Teresa Ann Frazee
Microcosmus-3 Poems by Daniel Snethen
The Higher Dimensions-Poem by David C. Kopaska- Merkel

Vampiric Threnody


Carl E. Reed




Nothing can happen more beautiful than death. 
                                             ― Walt Whitman





Know ye the radar-ping of bat-winged flight? 


Transmogrification into mist-smoke? 


Mayhap thy rodent-form squeak & delight; 


thy castle stark: moon-limned, dark-mossed, baroque? 


Then fetid greetings, wretch! Thou art undead. 


Ye know the savage thirst that canst be slaked; 


thy talon-fingered form a source of dread; 


cold black-veined flesh: gray-wormed: pale, snakish-flaked. 


Immortal, yes; but cursed!—no mote nor beam 


of brightly burning sun shalt warm thy heart; 


thou art a thrall of death, enthralled—obscene— 


forever rabid, hunted—marked apart. 


When dawn drives thee to coffin to retire 


       dost thou feel a lord of death—dead vampire?  

Carl E. Reed is currently employed as an operations specialist at a window, siding, and door company just outside Chicago. Former jobs include: U.S. marine, long-haul trucker, improvisational actor, cab driver, construction worker, and door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. His poetry has been published in The Iconoclast, Spectral Realms, & Deathlehem: Holiday Horrors; short stories in Black Gate, newWitch, and Sci-Fi Lampoon magazines. His most recent weird fiction “Dinner at Winthrop’s: A Tale of Sufferance” was published 2020 in the weird romance anthology Down the Rabbit Hole, vol. III.  

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