Black Petals Issue #94 Winter, 2021

The Death Set
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Mars-News, Views and Commentary-Chris Friend
Basement Dweller-Fiction by Justin Swartz
The Beating of Their Wings-Fiction by Brian Maycock
Does the Bogeyman Live Downstairs?-Fiction by Clive Owen Barry
Dark Little Boxes-Fiction by C. M. Barnes
Death by Midnight-Fiction by Charlie Cancel
Forearmed-Fiction by Jan Cronos
Inconceivable-Fiction by Rich Rose
The Wolf's Den-Fiction by J. B. Polk
Treachery-Fiction by Ramon F. Irizarri
Tumour Wakes Up-Fiction by Alexis Gkantiragas
The Opal Ring-Fiction by Michael Dority
Flora and Fauna-Flash Fiction by Roy Dorman
Gnaw-Flash Fiction by Tony Kidd
Mad Money-Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
Madonna of the Damned-Flash Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Special Teeth-Flash Fiction by KJ Hannah Greenberg
The Death Set-4 Poems by Hillary Lyon
Five Haiku-Poems by C. D. Marcum
Misanthrope-Poem by Donna Dallas
The Wish Tree-3 poems by Christopher Hivner
Nebulous-3 poems by Juan Manuel Perez
The Sphinx at Night-5 Poems by Meg Smith
Nameless-Poem by David Barber

Death and the Barmaid


Hillary Lyon


she pours 'em as she gets 'em

beer and tequila mostly

but some high-end scotch

tonight the gaunt customer

at the bar's end

orders one dirty martini after another

right up to closing time

the bar maid gathers glasses

wipes the countertop

and passes him a napkin

with her number on it


Death and the Stoner Chick


Hillary Lyon


she laughed at the garbage disposal

but she'd take anything

passed along at a party

and once a gaunt hitch-hiker

with an unnamable pill

gave her the best high ever

that was years ago

now she's clean and born again

driving alone to Bible study

she opens her door at a red light

and lets that hitcher back in


Death and the Valedictorian


Hillary Lyon


mamma's perfect child

National Honor Society

president chess club class officer

never home late never goes out

spends hours in her room

studying and researching

online dating there's a new guy

gaunt but goth-handsome

she wants to meet face to face

his "yes" is such a thrill but

don't tell mother


Death and the Mirror


Hillary Lyon


well you're looking trim

smooth complected and clean

pate shiny and smooth

good thing hoodies are in style

you lurk in subordinate shadows

always a good idea

as darkness hides your empty eyes

funny how folks see

what they want to see in you funny

how they take your proffered hand not thinking

of the inevitable consequences

Hillary Lyon is an SFPA Rhysling Award nominated poet, whose poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She founded and served as senior editor for the independent poetry publisher, Subsynchronous Press. Hillary also writes short stories, and when she’s not writing, she creates illustrations for horror and pulp fiction publications. Having lived in Brazil, France, Canada, and several states in the US, she chose to settle in Tucson, Arizona.

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