Black Petals Issue #85, Autumn, 2018

Blood/Brain Barrier

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Bottle Music-Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Bridge to Forever-Fiction by A. M. Stickel
Door County Getaway-Fiction by Roy Dorman
It's Out There-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Napper's Holler-Chapter 4-Continuing Fiction by A. M. Stickel
Napper's Holler-Chapter 5-Continuing Fiction by A. M. Stickel
Napper's Holler-Chapter 6-Continuing Fiction by A. M. Stickel
The Gift-Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Gifted Ones-Fiction by David Powell
The Seeker-Fiction by Ken Hueler
Blood/Brain Barrier-6 Poems by Will H. Blackwell, Jr.

Blood/Brain Barrier 


Will H. Blackwell, Jr.


First leech-taste of transforming blood.

Previously uncorrupted blood becomes

easy prey to the arteries’ determined,

throbbing path.


The bloodstream turns thus,

readily, first.


The mind’s membranes at first resist

diffusion’s darkening fantasies, before

finally succumbing,

one moonlit night.




Will H. Blackwell, Jr.



A dead fish floating

in the dim light of night.

Decay, against dark water.

Minnows, below, taste

the hanging

strings of slime.

Skyward, a smoothed belly

swells—white—into a

waiting, nascent moon.




Will H. Blackwell, Jr.



Molecules separate.

Ions and radicals—released

from old form—leach

through the soil’s cryptic moisture.


Atoms slip, unseen,

slowly into streams, then

sublime swiftly to waiting air—

searching there, perchance,

for new morphology.


Taxidermist’s Art


Will H. Blackwell, Jr.



Inorganic organs, deftly

inserted. Shape restored

to a former fullness. Skin

then dutifully sewn tight,

inwardly laced. Eyes

of looking-glass, placed.

Feathers preened, as by

a bird—alive! Who’s to say,

at some special time, in

just the right light?




Will H. Blackwell, Jr.



Intricate, desert sand-painting—planned precision

of art, science and symmetry—a crystalline perfection,

that can only be temporary.


Undisclosed, form suddenly grows—a surreal

mushroom rising, rounding steadily into sky—

obedient to the flawless law of π.


Atoms rupture rapidly in sequence—hidden cosmic energy,

torn from mass. The fire, within all geometry, now burns

through life. Radiant winds soon scatter the mandala.




Will H. Blackwell, Jr.



The intermittent pitch

of pendulums—touched

by unseen brushes

of breeze—counts

the time of the wind.


Distant harmonic motions

guiding these mirrored strokes,

by unrevealed telemetry,

relay tones of the cosmos—paint

sounds, through the night.


Will H. Blackwell, Jr., wblackwell&, of Tuscaloosa, AL, who wrote BP #85’s 6-poem set (“Blood/Brain Barrier,” “Flipside,” “Reincarnation,” “Taxidermist’s Art,” “Trinity,” & “Wind-chimes”), is a professor emeritus (botany), Miami University, Ohio. He is, presently, adjunct professor, Biological Sciences, The University of Alabama. His poetry has appeared, among other journals, in Aphelion, Blue Unicorn, Disturbed Digest, Illumen, Outposts of Beyond, Slant, and Star*Line.

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