Black Petals Issue #96, Summer, 2021

Dark Waltz
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Dark Resurrection-Fiction by Michael Hopkins
A Dip in the Pool-Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Far Down in the Credits-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Guilt Trip-Fiction by James Flynn
Ky'thagra's Big Day-Fiction by Devin Marcus
Larger Prey-Fiction by Richard Brown
Lover-Fiction by N. G. Leonetti
Sail Away-Fiction by Chris Allyne
Sleeping Again-Fiction by Russ Bickerstaff
The Poison Doorway-Fiction by Dionosio Traverso Jr.
The Tick Bite-Fiction by Robb T. White
Bake Sale Inspiration-Flash Fiction by Samantha Carr
Hotel with Full Amenities-Flash Fiction by William Kitcher
Reincarnation Jeopardy-Flash Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Sex Fiend-Flash Fiction by Karen Bayly
Witches' Sabbath-Poem by Mike Collins
Blood-Poem by Mike Collins
Death's Pornography-Poem by Mike Collins
Temptation-Poem by Mike Collins
Painting Light-Poem by Mike Collins
Dark Waltz-Poem by Marilyn Lou Berry
The Last Victim of Vlad the Impaler-Poem by Mehmet Akgonul
The Bravest Ant-Poem by Mehmet Akgonul
Ain't Alien Spores-Poem by Richard Stevenson
Giant Goldfish-Poem by Richard Stevenson
Igopogo-Poem by Richard Stevenson
Megamouth Has Cavities-Poem by Richard Stevenson

Dark Waltz


by Marilyn Lou Berry


Waltz with me darkly, my love,  

to the glories of the rising blood moon. 

See how its melodies stream the horizon, 

and onto the ocean in gnarls and tangles,  

to choke the blue lifeless in suffocating splendor.  


Engage my claws: 

they tremble to hook your heart, 

stroke your lungs.  


Your neck, let me kiss,  

And passionately pierce you. 


Glide with me over the reddening sand, 


with your dazzling, bladed hand 

dice me tenderly, 

shred me mercilessly. 


By the waltz our blood is shed lovingly 

in our new, bold, bleeding world 

of this our new life, 

on this planet of clotted dreams. 

Marilyn Berry lives as retired in a small-town arts community jam-packed with muses and surrounded by ocean, forest and wildlife. She fills her time with writing, reading, beach walks, gallery visits, and so much more.  

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