Black Petals Issue #108, Summer, 2024

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Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Tension Economy: Fiction by Adam Parker
Body Canvas: Fiction by James McIntire
Emergence: Fiction by M. W. Lockwood
Gibbous Moon over Manderson: Fiction by Daniel Snethen
Morning Rush: Fiction by Mark Mitchell
The APP: Fiction by J. Elliott
The Fanbase: Fiction by Gabriel White
The Pocket: Fiction by Randall Avilez
Laughter and the Devil: Fiction by Nemo Arator
Bed Bugs: Flash Fiction by Zvi A. Sesling
Not a Pebble: Flash Fiction by K. J. Watson
Sleepless: Flash Fiction by David Barber
The Abyss' Embrace: Flash Fiction by Daniel Lenois
The Dispossession: Flash Fiction by Alan Watkins
Unfinished Business: Flash Fiction by Charles C. Cole
Do Not Touch: Flash Fiction by Samantha Brooke
Ghost: Poem by Michael Pendragon
Dark Mistress: Poem by Michael Pendragon
A Pocket of Time: Poem by Joseph Danoski
Nothing in the Night: Poem by Joseph Danoski
The Last Tenant in a House out of Time: Poem by Joseph Danoski
Disassembly: Mine: Poem by Anthony Berstein
The Dream House of Abominations: Poem by Anthony Bernstein
4 Untitled Haiku: Haiku by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen
Time Eaters and 2 Untitled Haiku: Poems by Christopher Hivner
Mary and Polidori: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Slither Away: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
The Hotel LaNeau: Poem by Sandy DeLuca
The Girl from Providence: Poem by Sandy DeLuca
Returning Home: Poem by Sophia Wiseman-Rose
The Good Stepmother: Poem by Peter Mladinic
Airtime: Poem by Peter Mladinic
Gloria: Poem by Peter Mladinic
There Was a Father: Poem by Peter Mladinic
Toll Booth: Poem by Leyla Guirand
This Hour: Poem by Leyla Guirand
Urban: Poem by Simon MacCulloch

July 15th, 2024

Art by Sandy DeLuca © 2024

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Adam Parker
James McIntire
M. W. Lockwood
Daniel Snethen
Mark Mitchell
J. Elliott
Gabriel White
Randall Avilez
Nemo Arator
Zvi A. Sesling
K. J. Watson
David Barber
Daniel Lenois
Alan Watkins
Charles C. Cole
Samantha Brooke
Michael Pendragon
Joseph Danoski
Anthony Bernstein
Ayaz Daryl Nielsen
Christopher Hivner
Kenneth Vincent Walker
Sandy DeLuca
Sophia Wiseman-Rose
Peter Mladinic
Leyla Guirand
Simon MacCulloch

Cover: Sandy DeLuca
Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal
Darren Blanch
Cynthia Fawcett
Sophia Wiseman-Rose
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J. Elliott
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Henry Stanton
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