Black Petals Issue #98 Winter, 2022

Hillary Lyon: Party-Time Trio

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Worm Food-Fiction by Michael Dority
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Party-Time Trio-Flash Fiction by Hillary Lyon
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5G Generation-Poem by Joseph Danoski
Creature of Habit-Poem by Joseph Danoski
Joe Schmoe & Jayne Doe-Poem by Joseph Danoski
The World-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
Exquisite Corpse-Villanelle-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
Edwardian-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
Bloody Fingers-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Pathway Down-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Another Red Nightmare-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
The Avenue of Pines (Re-visited)-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Lover's Meadow-Poem by Brielle Amick
Scarecrow in Female-Poem by Meg Smith
Regards to Buzzards-Poem by Meg Smith
Failed Conjuring-Poem by Meg Smith
Missing Among Wildflowers-Poem by Meg Smith
Lords of Extinction-Poem by Meg Smith

Art by Bernice Holtzman 2022

The Neck-Tie Party


Arizona Territory, 1879


Hillary Lyon



The rowdy crowd put the stranger on his horse and rode him out to the ancient oak tree outside the cemetery walls. Threw a hemp neck-tie around his throat, flung the other end over a sturdy branch, slapped his horse on its haunch. All because the sheriff caught him suckin’ blood from a saloon girl. He dangled and danced in the air until everyone got bored and went home, all righteous and satisfied justice was served. Damn these small town vigilantes, the stranger groused, they always leave the party too soon, and I have to cut my own self down.



The Hunting Party


Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland, 1979


Hillary Lyon



“We no longer hunt foxes, or other small game,” Basil said wistfully, gazing into the woodlands before him. “My niece, Beatrice, pointed out how needlessly cruel and unsportsmanlike it was.” He loaded shells into the hunting rifle draped over his arm.

“Wonderful!” Cody enjoined. He smoothed his feathered hair as if patting himself on the back. Being Beatrice’s American boyfriend, he’d convinced her to convince her wealthy uncle to drop this archaic pastime.

Basil pulled out his pocket watch. “I’ll give you a fifteen minute head start, old boy.” Through his walrus mustache, he grinned at Cody. “You’d better run.”


The After-Party


Dallas, Texas, 2020


Hillary Lyon


The maroon 1980 Thunderbird slid into the empty space along the curb. The hand on the wheel was nothing but bone and dried sinew, with a covering of flesh, ragged and flaking like the car’s leather upholstery.

The passenger door popped open. The driver leaned over, lit cigarette clenched between gray teeth. “C’mon, Lisa, we gotta get this party started!” he rasped. A gold medallion glinted on the serpentine chain laying against his sternum. A disco anthem boomed from the car stereo.

The rusted cemetery gates creaked open. Lisa crawled into the car, jaw missing, but gibbering with joy, nonetheless.

With an MA in English Literature, Hillary Lyon founded and for 20 years served as senior editor for the independent poetry publisher, Subsynchronous Press. Along with her poetry, her crime, horror, and sci-fi stories have appeared in numerous print and online publications, as well as in multiple anthologies. She is also an illustrator for horror/sci-fi, and pulp fiction sites. She’s lived in France, Brazil, Canada, and several states in the U.S.; she currently resides in southern Arizona.

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