Black Petals Issue #98 Winter, 2022

S. Wiseman-Rose: Edwardian

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Worm Food-Fiction by Michael Dority
Bells in the Woods-Fiction by Richard Brown
The Smiling Dead-Fiction by Guido Eekhaut
Beneath-Fiction by Samantha Brooke
The Reality Engine-Fiction by M.T. Johnson
Bug-Fiction by David Starobin
The Family Upstairs-Fiction by Ally Schwam
Hoola-Fiction by Lamont A. Turner
The Barber Shop-Fiction by Roy Dorman
On the Corner of 15th and Jackson-Fiction by Kat Vatne
Prisoners-Fiction by Paul Lee
Twinkles-Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
Party-Time Trio-Flash Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Shadowed Soul-Flash Fiction by Jess Boaden
5G Generation-Poem by Joseph Danoski
Creature of Habit-Poem by Joseph Danoski
Joe Schmoe & Jayne Doe-Poem by Joseph Danoski
The World-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
Exquisite Corpse-Villanelle-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
Edwardian-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
Bloody Fingers-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Pathway Down-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Another Red Nightmare-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
The Avenue of Pines (Re-visited)-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Lover's Meadow-Poem by Brielle Amick
Scarecrow in Female-Poem by Meg Smith
Regards to Buzzards-Poem by Meg Smith
Failed Conjuring-Poem by Meg Smith
Missing Among Wildflowers-Poem by Meg Smith
Lords of Extinction-Poem by Meg Smith


S. Wiseman-Rose


Open my heart with lace and diamonds

Sing overtures of ardent love

Bypass my will with all that shines and

Engage my mind, or lack thereof


Sear my poor heart with sealing darkness

Permit my sigh to sing the tears

Drink from my climbing lacrimosi

Bury me with my finest years.


Crush the rose from bud to flower

Name all the petals vanity


Open my heart with sweet compassion

Sing overtures of joy and love

When I’m alone with pain and triumph

Open the gates to free the dove

Sophia Wiseman-Rose was born in the USA, to a literary and musical family, and spent most of her life in the UK. She has studied medicine and the arts and is a mother of 4 grown, beautiful, children. She is currently a Paramedic, an Episcopal Nun and a poet. 

She has written for online blog On Holy Ground and Kings Poetry Society, Kings College London.

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