Black Petals Issue #88, Summer, 2019

Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Chapter 16
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Place of His Own-Fiction by Dorian Sinnott
Blood on the Riviera-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Chapter 13-Fiction by A.M.Stickel
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Chapter 14-Fiction by A. M. Stickel
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Chapter 15-Fiction by A. M. Stickel
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Conclusion-Fiction by A. M. Stickel
Red Dress-Fiction byTrisha McKee
The Dead Are Not Lonely-Fiction by A. L. Hodges
The Taxidermist is Hatching-Fiction by Michael Mulvihill
This Isn't You-Fiction by J. David Thayer
Love River Forever-Poem by Hicham El Qendouci
Fire Rages from Her Fingertips-4 Poems by T. B. Kelley
Sheepsquatch-3 poems by Richard Stevenson

Words of Wisdom?



Before I set out on this adventure, I never believed like I do today. When I sat down and really listened to what the magic mirror of Napper’s Holler had to tell me, I finally discovered that what I thought was my last journey was the start of my first, in a place where time as I’d known it did not exist, at least in the way I’d grown used to.

Even though critters have never been, ordinary people I’d known before my journey were mostly just plain boring. I’d accepted boredom and being dull myself as an inevitable condition. But the people of Napper’s Holler are simply too strange to be boring, and so am I. Their kind of excitement is contagious. We reflect each other’s inscrutability and are redeemed by it. We are as beautiful in our ordinariness as in all our loud pain and passion.

Yet, I still favor the quiet view from the back pew, the way the light draws faces forward to the place where the answers lie. The songs and the silences call me equally. The murmured prayer, the whisper of feet down the aisle, the giggles and wiggles of little ones, and the hungry cries of tiny ones, the tang of mystery on the tongue and history in the mind—all these surround and save me.

Have I found my true destiny by accident? Will you find yours? Or are we just moving along right through the center of it without even realizing we are already resting in its heart?



The Alpha and the Omega (not the End)

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