Black Petals Issue #89 Autumn, 2019

The Well
Mars-Chris Friend
BP Artists and Illustrators
A Tale of the Dark Web-Fiction by Blair Frison
Drop, Pt. 2: Help Thy Neighbor-Fiction by Michael Mulvihill
Gas Stop-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Grandad's Legacy-Fiction by Jan Cronos
Hive-Fiction by Dan Cardoza
My Nighttime Parents-Fiction by Malik Mandeville
Orphans at the Dark Door-Fiction by Roy Dorman
The News that Night-Fiction by June Driver
The Raft-Fiction by Stephen Caesar
The Voice from the Dark-Fiction by Scott Kimak
Dear Pneumonia-Two poems by Michael Mulvihill
The Well-Poem by Jason Rice

The Well


by Jason Rice


In a lonely field

Behind the woods

Past a hill

Is a well,

A black hole

With a smell,

And something

You can tell


Is in the well.

It casts a spell

O’er hill and dell.

What dwells

In the well?

Who can tell?

What can compel

The shattered bones

The glistening muck

Of those who fell

Down the well

To rot,


Then coalesce?

A squirming horror,

An obsidian gel

That propels itself

Up the well,

Who could foretell

This hell?

Your screams

Are your knell

As you’re dragged

To a place

Beneath the well...





Jason Rice,, of New York City, NY, who wrote BP #89’s poem, “The Well,” is a 48-year-old culinary instructor living in Manhattan. He just started writing horror and occult-themed poetry about a year and a half ago (2018). This is his first published piece outside of school magazines and he’s very proud to be joining the great writers of Black Petals! [Congratulations, Jason, from the editors.]

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