Black Petals Issue #90 Winter, 2020

Blood-Red Drops
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1957-Fiction by Michael J. Moore
Black Dog-Fiction by C. P. Webster
Curse of the Candles-Fiction by Jerry Payne
Death Rattle-Fiction by Jan Cronos
Estranged-Fiction by Alan Trezza
The Return of the Ferryman-Serialized Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Scarlet Bedroom-Fiction by Daniel K. Merwin
The Soul Destroyer-Fiction by James Flynn
The Packing Bay-Flash Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Jizo-A four-poem Japanes Theme Set by Dee Allen
Blood-Red Drops-Poem by Chris Collins
The Great Universe-Poem by Hicham El Qendouci
Female Mischief-Poem by Hillary Lyon
Worm-Poem by Hillary Lyon
The Lycanthrope's Lament-Poem by Hillary Lyon
The Sea-Poem by Jason Rice

Blood-Red Drops


Chris Collins


Blood-red drops blotted the snow;                                                          

there were no footprints, but I did go.


I followed those drops where I could,

and they took me far into the wood.


Jolted with fear by each step I took,

I trembled, froze, and in terror shook.


For those drops of blood alongside me                                

said this is a place I should not be.


Step after step, my heart beat loud;                                    

I felt befuddled in fog-like shroud.


Chilled as I was in most every bone,                   

I knew right then I was not alone.


Furtively, many footprints appeared                

out of a nowhere I deeply feared.


Suddenly, there was muffled breathing,                     

my only thought: a dreaded being.


I knew right then that I must run fast,                                                

or this bloody day might be my last.                       


I ran and ran ‘til I reached my home;

filled with dread, I ended this poem.



Chris Collins chose not to share his bio, but BP’s editors understand why. Don’t look back! Something might be gaining on you.

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