Black Petals Issue #90 Winter, 2020

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
BP Artists and Illustrators
1957-Fiction by Michael J. Moore
Black Dog-Fiction by C. P. Webster
Curse of the Candles-Fiction by Jerry Payne
Death Rattle-Fiction by Jan Cronos
Estranged-Fiction by Alan Trezza
The Return of the Ferryman-Serialized Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Scarlet Bedroom-Fiction by Daniel K. Merwin
The Soul Destroyer-Fiction by James Flynn
The Packing Bay-Flash Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Jizo-A four-poem Japanes Theme Set by Dee Allen
Blood-Red Drops-Poem by Chris Collins
The Great Universe-Poem by Hicham El Qendouci
Female Mischief-Poem by Hillary Lyon
Worm-Poem by Hillary Lyon
The Lycanthrope's Lament-Poem by Hillary Lyon
The Sea-Poem by Jason Rice



Hillary Lyon

Turn around
and say that to my face.

Who holds the blade; who
possesses the poison?

That wide mouth opens and the memories
stream forth screaming.

You thought
I was to be the victim?

The helpless
in her night gown.

The party girl all dizzy—
dressed in red, head to toe.

The wizened crone alone—
cowering over her smoky cauldron.

Well, you thought wrong.
I am the one possessed

of the blade
shaped like a house key—

of the poison tasting
like a kiss.

Open wide,

Hillary Lyon,, who wrote BP #90’s poems, “Female Mischief,” “The Lycanthrope’s Lament,” and “Worm” (+ BP #87’s “There’s an App for That” tale and the 3-poem set, “Cottonmouth,” “In the Flickering,” and “Ode to the Face on the Missing Person Poster”; BP #85’s “Bottle Music,” BP #83’s “Strange Music Follows Her Everywhere,” and BP #78’s “The Lucky Break”) lives in southern Arizona, where she founded and still edits poetry journals for Subsynchronous Press, an Arizona-based independent poetry publisher. An SFPA Rhysling Award nominated poet, her poems have appeared in publications such as Eternal Haunted Summer, Illumen, Scfifaikuest, Farther Stars Than TheseDisturbed Digest, and Dreams & Nightmares, as well as numerous anthologies. When not writing, she creates illustrations for horror and pulp fiction publications.

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