Black Petals Issue #91, Spring, 2020

Brother of Mine
BP Artists and Illustrators
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Hole in the Somewhere-Fiction by Richard Brown
Everything Echoes-Fiction by Todd M. Guerra
Exit to Dove's Tail-Fiction by Ken Goldman
I Dream of Fire-Fiction by Matthew Penwell
Living Doll-Fiction by Carl Hughes
Angelika's Tough Decision-Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Cat-Fiction by Chris Alleyne
The Demon-Fiction by Misty Page
The Run-Fiction by Thomas Runge D'Amore
We Are the Monsters We Seek-Fiction by Karen Heslop
Brother of Mine-Flash Fiction by D. C. Plump
New Terror-Flash Fiction by Denis Alvarez Betancourt
The Flapping Thing-Flash Fiction by Robert Masterson
The Clown Loved Cherry Lipstick-Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
Ganymede-Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
Space Probe RH 120-Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
The Buffoon-Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
Just Another Day in My House-Poem by Tom Davidson
Blue Bell Hill Beast-Poem by Richard Stevenson
Plum Island-Poem by Richard Stevenson
The Thing in the Woods-Poem by Loris John Fazio

Art by Michael D. Davis 2020

Brother of Mine


D.C. Plump


          He’s still here,” Devin thought as he walked into the house that he grew up in.

He could sense it even before he walked into the living room and saw a figure standing in front of the fireplace and looking at a framed photograph.

          “Looking at the picture again, huh?”

          “Jordon, it’s time for you to go.”

          “What? Why would you say that?”

          “Because it’s time.”                      

          “Don’t you want me here?”

          “More than anything I’ve ever wanted in life before. But we both know we can’t keep on going on like this.”

          “If I leave you know that’s it. You’ll never see me again.”

          “I know that.”

          “But even knowing this, you still feel like I should go?”

          “I do.”

          “I’m not ready.”

          “I know, man. But you have to go. You know what happens if you stay here too long. You will be stuck here forever.”

          “Have you ever thought that that’s what I want?”

          “It’s not. You don’t want this.”

          “How dare you tell me what I don’t want? Who do you think you are?”

          “I’m your big brother. The one that’s been there for you every single day of your life.”

          “You mean the life that was taken from me?”


          “Devin, I was home alone the night that they came. You were on a date and mom and dad were at grandma’s.”

          “I know this, Jordon.”

          “But you need to hear it again. I was only sixteen and they came in here, took my life like it was nothing and stole whatever it was that they wanted. I woke up in this house and found that it was a blessing. Maybe I’m meant to be here.”

          “The reason that you’re here right now is because you weren’t ready to move on. You have to move on to the afterlife. The place that you deserve to be. I know that it’s scary, but death is a part of life, and we will all be where you are at right now. Please Jordon, please so that I can move on as well.”

          Not saying a word, Jordon nodded his head. Suddenly light filled the room and feathers grew from his back. The feathers refused to cease their falling as he disappeared.



Daniel C. Plump is a graduate of Lindenwood University with a Master’s in Creative Writing. He generally writes in the genres of fantasy and romance.